Festool PDC18 5.2Ah Set 564597 Cordless Drill Review

Festool is a company known all over the world for producing quality shop tools. The tools include the Festool PDC18 5.2Ah Set 564597 Cordless Drill that features a 5.2 Ah, 18v lithium-ion battery pack.

The cordless screwdriver brings you four gears and a maximum stroke rate of 76,000 blows per minute that allows you to drill through masonry and concrete tasks. The machine offers users numerous advantages that you can read about below.

Festool PDC18 5.2Ah Set 564597 Cordless Drill Review

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Drill Kit

For starters, the PDC 18 drill set is designed as a drill that functions with interchangeable chucks. The empty chuck allows you to insert any ¼-inch bit. A ½-inch drill chuck works as any other drill chuck does.

The right angle chuck is an excellent addition to the kit as it offers you optimum perpendicular positioning of the drill. Finally, there is the Centrotec system chuck that works like a ¼-inch hex chuck, but it is smaller, thanks to the manufacturer’s proprietary Centrotec bits. You will also find an adapter that you can use with your ¼-inch hex bits.


After using this Festool drill, you will fall in love with its power and performance. From the get-go, the cordless drill offers you versatility, power and more options than any other cordless you’ve used before.

The unit provides you three control settings. The first lever near the chuck changes the drill from drilling mode to hammer drill mode.

The selector in the middle allows controlling the gearbox (with gear 1 as the slowest speed while gear 4 is the fastest speed. The switch closest to the drill’s back provides for torque control (called torque thumbwheel by Festool). You will love the intuitive and simple design of the controls.

Festool PDC18 5.2Ah Set 564597 Cordless Drill Test

Use the unit for making quick work of drilling 5/8-inch diameter holes through concrete slabs. Set the unit to high speed and hammer drill mode to get your concrete drilling job done well. The PDC 18 will also drill large diameter holes in your wood applications.

Installing 4-inch deck screws into pressure-treated lumber is no problem. While it’s not designed as an impact driver, the lower torque and speed settings make this unit powerful enough to drive large fasteners like TimberLock fasteners and deck screws.

Ergonomics and Other Features

This PDC 18 unit weighs less than 5 pounds and is packed with a 5.2 Ah battery pack as well as an adjustable chuck. This makes it one of the lightest models on the market. Also, the drill is well balanced with a comfortable grip that makes working with the unit easy.

An LED light just above the battery pack at the front is controlled using a switch located on the side. The light is also the unit’s battery indicator. Just use the LED on and off switch to toggle it from battery life indicator to work light.

A Systainer storage box offers you sufficient space for storing your fasteners and small bits.

Festool PDC18 5.2Ah Set 564597 Cordless Drill

Festool PDC18 5.2Ah Set 564597 Cordless Drill Conclusion

Overall, the Festool PDC18 5.2Ah Set 564597 Cordless Drill is a serious work beast! The range of speed, torque, and smooth changing chucks makes it one of the more versatile hammer drills on the market today.

The unit is packed with a powerful brushless motor that draws power from a 5.2 Ah Li-ion battery. This Festool model offers you flexibility in the choice of chucks and a beautiful storage box. If you are on the market for a hammer drill, this cordless unit is your best bet.

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