Festool C18 Li 5.2 Set 564616 Cordless Drill Review

This Festool C18 Li 5.2 Set 564616 Cordless Drill makes its way into an already flooded market of 18-volt Li-ion hand tools. However, this is one of the few units out there specifically designed for the wood and cabinet shop. The unit also sets itself apart from the competition by offering a user a large battery and a modular construction that lives up to Festool’s promise of practical, smart design in combination with meticulous engineering. There’s a lot to say about this Festool cordless drill – it is not your standard unit.

Festool C18 Li 5.2 Set 564616 Cordless Drill Review

Meticulous Design

This unit does not look like other drills on the market, which can also make it harder to tell how big this tool is. When you compare this C 18 to any other 18V drill, the overall size is quite similar. However, the handle on this Festool tool is more inclined rearward, making room for an additional front vertical component. Weighing at only 4 pounds with the 3-jaw chuck and battery installed, this unit is heavier than other 18V drills on the market weighing at 3 pounds. The difference in weight is due to the larger battery.

The unit’s grip handle orientation requires users to adopt a specific grip. Using the regular four-finger grip shifts almost the entire tool’s weight to the index finger. In short, this is very uncomfortable. Instead, adopt the three-finger grip, with your index finger running along the side of the tool. This strategy helps distribute the C 18’s weight among your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. Use your ring and little finger to control the trigger. This grip is comfortable and may even help improve your woodworking skills.

Festool C18 Li 5.2 Set 564616 Cordless Drill Test

An Electronic Clutch

Instead of the mechanical clutch, this cordless drill uses an electronic clutch. According to the manufacturer, Festool, doing this helps extend the tool’s life expectancy. A good mechanical clutch will just slip and immediately halt driving; this unit’s electronics only need a short microsecond to give that critical stop command. This makes the tool jerk instantly once a screw is in torque and the drill stops.

Response time lag can be lessened using torque settings to the Revolutions per Minutes. Once you lower torque setting, the C 18 will reduce the maximum allowable RPM at full trigger pull. At its lowest torque setting and slowest RPM, driving many ¾-inch screws can seem like a nightmare – but it’s a trade-off that offers you more control.

Battery Level Indicator

At the bottom of the main grip, there is a bank of LEDs that light up, showing the battery’s level when you squeeze the trigger. To check the status of each of your batteries, you need to insert it into the unit. Also, this tool also has an LED light on the face of the front handle. The light is especially critical in low light applications.

Recharging the Unit

Recharging the unit’s battery takes about 135 minutes, including the time it takes for the battery to cool down. According to Festool, a full charge should take about 70 minutes. If you are to achieve the 70-minute charge time, you need to follow Festool’s recommendation by charging the battery as soon as it gets to the single flashing LED phase.

Festool C18 Li 5.2 Set 564616 Cordless Drill

Festool C18 Li 5.2 Set 564616 Cordless Drill Conclusion

Overall, the Festool C18 Li 5.2 Set 564616 Cordless Drill is a multi-functional and versatile tool. The included four chucks allow several practical setups for the individual who uses hex shaft bits quite a lot. Woodworkers and cabinetmakers will love the control, precision, and features in this set.