Festool C18 Li 5.2 Plus 564615 Cordless Drill Review

Cordless electric drills are by far some of the most popular tools for many do-it-yourselfers out there. They can be used in a variety of different situations and applications. The Festool C18 Li 5.2 Plus 564615 Cordless Drill is a lightweight unit that you can virtually take with you anywhere. Just charge the batteries, and you are working on your wood project without having to depend on cords. You can recharge the unit’s cells at the end of a busy day, and never have to purchase one battery after another. Read on to find out more reasons why so many people are in love with this cordless electric drill.

Festool C18 Li 5.2 Set 564616 Cordless Drill Review

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Chucks and Attachments

This C18 model has four chucks that you just click to the front of the drill. Such a selection makes drilling using a keyless chuck look limited and antiquated. A FastFix system supports Centrotec system, right angle, eccentric, and death stop chucks. Every chuck in this set is a solid performer. The Centrotec tool chuck snaps into the drill spindle using a quick-release mechanism.

The keyless drill chuck on the C-series cordless drills is used for drilling and driving bits up to a ½-inch diameter. Ratcheting action ensures that your bits will not slip nor work themselves loose. The right-angle chuck adds a 90-degree angle to your drill’s transmission for working around those tight spaces.

The one included in this unit can swivel up to 360 degrees as well as 16 locking positions. The offset or eccentric chuck is an excellent tool for your odd applications, while the depth stop chuck is designed to offer you precise and consistent depth setting, no matter material density.

Festool Compact Drill Driver Set


The box that this tool comes in is also well designed. The manufacturer has gone the extra mile by shipping its products in high-quality boxes that have inserts. The company also adds an essential feature to this C18 box. There is a picture on the box lid that shows where everything should be placed. While putting your stuff away sounds like a no-brainer, with so many parts to deal with, having a photo can be helpful. Finally, the manual is safely tucked between the box side and liner to keep it safe.

EC-TEC Brushless Motor

Festool uses the EC-TEC drive concept while designing this cordless drill unit, meaning that the manufacturer’s development department tests each device for consistent maximum performance. Plus, EC-TEC means that your unit is also intelligent. Using electronics, Festool adds technology that provides just enough power for your particular workstation, saving energy while at the same time giving you more runs from a single battery charge. According to Festool, EC-TEC is designed to help you achieve maximal reliability and the most prolonged life cycle.

Digital Control

When running most drills on low power, you will notice a power step that they usually need to exceed before they can start running smoothly. However, this is not the case with this C18 model. All you need to do is squeeze the power trigger in small increments, and the unit’s shaft begins rotating smoothly and at low RPMs. While you might not usually use this setting all the time, it does offer you more control and smooth power.

Festool C18 Li 5.2 Set 564616 Cordless Drill Review

Festool C18 Li 5.2 Plus 564615 Cordless Drill Conclusion

Overall, this Festool C18 Li 5.2 Plus 564615 Drill is a cordless unit for the serious woodworker. As you would expect, this tool comes at a premium price, but its innovative features and outstanding precision may very well be worth it.

Festool C18 Li 5.2 Plus 564615 Cordless Drill
  • Versatile-Combined with the Festool Fast Fix chuck system, the C 18 drill can each do the job of five or more...
  • Efficient - Extremely efficient, energy-sipping EC-TEC brushless motors deliver more power, longer run time...
  • Tough inside and out, Festool C-Drills feature brushless motors that have been tested to over a million...

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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