Festool 574700 Cordless Drill Review

Today, cordless drills feature technological advances that make them whistle like a loaded Mercedes. That is also taking into consideration the Festool 574700 PDC Cordless Drill. Weighing at only 3.9 pounds this is a lightweight tool that feels sturdy and well built to the grasp.

Festool Cordless Drill

The bottom bit may feel heavy at first (with the battery added) but you will come to get used it – and actually appreciate it as it improves balance! The tool is delivered with a Centrotec tool chuck and bit holder, FastFix keyless 12-inch chuck, an additional side-mounted handgrip and an attic Systainer SYS 2. Are you looking to find out more about this drillHere are some key features on it.

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Festool 574700 Cordless Drill Features in a Nutshell

– Tremendous range.
Versatile drill.
– Brushless motor.
– Powerful airstream compact batteries.

A Brushless Motor

This Festool cordless drill has a brushless motor. The motor contains permanent magnets inside and electromagnets outside. Instead of brushes, this motor has a computer chip that charges while changing poles of the electromagnets. This helps the drill to run cooler, use less energy while running for a long time on a single charge compared to brushed tools.

Simply, the cordless BL (brushless) motor provides you with a better run time, meaning that you can squeeze in more work between charges. BL motors are also more reliable, more efficient and last longer than brushed motors with an estimated life expectancy running more than 10,000 hours. The motor is also capable of operating with less electromagnetic interference and noise because the internal parts are enclosed.

Festool Cordless Drill

Multiple Gears

The drill has a four-speed gear switch that is conveniently located and recessed at the top of the tool preventing accidental switching of gears. The gearbox is capable of driving up to 3,800 Revolutions per Minute with fast, clean drilling response with the capability of even drilling brickwork once you activate the Axial Impact feature. Using the gear is as simple as dialing in the speed you need and you are ready to go.

Sophisticated Battery Handling

While the basic package does not have a battery included, battery life is one of the areas where this unit shines. At Festool, each individual cell in a battery pack is tested and matched to each other to offer you the same discharge and charge pattern as all cells in a pack, increasing efficiency.

In combination with the brushless motor, less power is used and battery lasts twice as long as that on the average drill. Once you’ve acquired a high-quality battery pack, you need to ensure that it is protected. The 574700 has several ways of ensuring that you do not kill your fine investment. Since completely discharging a lithium-ion pack will permanently destroy it, this drill monitors battery life and shuts down in case of too little current.

Festool Cordless Drill

Festool 574700: Conclusion

One of the things that’s difficult to measure is just how smooth this drill is. The basic ergonomics of the unit are amazing, as you would expect from any other Festool product – even under more load, this is noticeable. It’s quite a different thing to achieve smooth lines when running high speed tasks like screw driving and drilling.

Apart from ergonomics, getting a smooth experience is often a task leveled on a tool that consistently offers you power to handle a task. The more a drill binds up and releases, the more you are likely to feel it through the arms. The Festool 574700 PDC Cordless Drill simply does a great job of controlling this.

Festool 574700 Cordless Drill
  • Tremendous range - driven by a four-speed gearbox, you can drop it down low to hog out material, switch to...
  • The most versatile drill ever - supported by its own set of fast fix Interchangeable chucks and the complete...
  • Unbeatable - industry-leading ec-tec Brushless motor—coupled with proven airstream Lithium-Ion battery...

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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