Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill Driver Set Review

The Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill is packed with plenty of features you will likely find on professional grade drills – including an adjustable clutch for fine tuning screw driving and speed. You can charge the unit to full strength in only a matter of half an hour; within 20 minutes, the batteries are already reading 80 percent.

Festool Compact Drill Driver Set

This is something that you should probably know in case you have a day when you need to set in 20 or more screws. The unit is lightweight, at only 8.1 pounds, and is excellent for all your cabinetry or furniture projects. You no longer have to carry a huge drill with you wherever you go when there is such a compact unit that offers you several features on the market.

Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill Driver Set Features in a Nutshell

– 3 tools in 1.
– Sophisticated electronics that protect the tool.
– Ultra-compact design.
– Extremely long battery life.

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A Bit Storage Compartment

Many drills on the market already have on-board bit storage, but this CXS goes a bit further. At the front of the battery slot, you will find two two-inch long slots that are fasted by magnets. The long slot allows you to store your driving and drilling bits. On the inside, the slots are ramped, making it easier for you to remove your bit by sliding it up or down and releasing it from the magnetic pull.

Festool Compact Drill Driver Set

FastFix Interchangeable Chuck System

This CXS drill features the unique FastFix chuck system that makes it one of the most versatile little units on the markets. You can change one chuck for another just like fitting an air hose using a single hand. The FastFix system on this unit offers you the traditional keyless chuck, a right-angle chuck and a Centrotec chuck.

The keyless chuck is similar to the range found on other drill on the market. The right-angle chuck can be used for working on drilling applications around tight spaces; for example for tune-up or repair work. In addition, you can use the chuck to work in drawers that are already filled with things without emptying them first.

Extra Short Tool

When working on drawer slides attachment projects, every inch counts. The length of this drill is only 6-1/4 inches. You can add a magnetic attachment to the drill if you want to, but this would be unnecessary and only use the bit tip to shorten the drill even further. Since it is short in terms of height and length, this is a massive boon for people working in cramped spaces.

Festool Compact Drill Driver Set

A Light Showing the Way

While some people view lights on drill as a bit of a joke, in this Festool tool, they are what will light the way in dark, tight and small spaces that require light. The lighting fixture on this unit is made of LED, which draws only a fraction from the unit’s battery. In addition, the light is bright enough to illuminate even a foot away.

Festool 564274: Conclusion

The Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill set is a tool that follows the Festool tradition.

It is engineered to give its more expensive counterparts on the market some serious competition. The drill is ideal if you will be working on installing knobs or cabinet doors. In addition, it is offering the choice of three drills in a single unit using its unique FastFix chuck system.

Festool 564274 CXS Compact Drill Driver Set With...
  • 3 tools in 1, FastFix enables the use of the Centrotec chuck, a keyless chuck and a right angle attachment for...
  • Tough inside and out, the CXS features sophisticated electronics that protect the tool and batteries from...
  • An ultra-compact design weighing in at less than 2lbs means maximum comfort during extended use.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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