Excell EPW2123100 Pressure Washer Review

For value-conscious consumers who are looking for a heavy duty mobile pressure washer that will not blast a hole through their pockets, the Excell EPW2123100 Gas-Powered Pressure Washer has impressive specifications that warrant serious consideration.

Excell EPW2123100 3100 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer Review

Pressure Washer | Bestseller

With a significantly lower price point compared to other competitors in the heavy-duty category, its 3100 PSI and 2.8 GPM rating coupled with the 212cc Excell OHV gas engine is enough for most consumers to exclaim, “bang for the buck”!

It is perfectly capable of blasting through any kind of accumulated dirt or grime on all surfaces in just a matter of seconds. Use it for your flooring, outdoor decks, rooftops, home sidings, external windows, fences, driveway, outdoor fixtures, vehicles, and any other pressurized surface cleaning applications that you can think of, whether at home or at your shop.

The 212cc Excell OHV engine may not be widely-known, but it delivers enough power at a fraction of the cost of other pressure washers that are fitted with ‘branded’ engines. The axial style pump is mated to stainless steel pistons and has a thermal release valve for added protection. The brass head pump is also worth noting as it is less prone to corrosion but is not necessarily fitted on all pressure washers nowadays.

Excell EPW2123100 3100 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Ergonomically organized

Its onboard storage system is designed to keep your spray gun and hose always neatly organized with its hooks and nozzle holder securely bolted in strategic positions. Its rust-resistant wand is also designed with the user’s ease and comfort in mind.

The low profile frame and collapsible handle make it easy to store the unit in tight spaces, or to be transported around to different locations if necessary.


You can choose among 5 variations of quick-click nozzle tips (whether 0, 15, 25, 40 degrees or the low pressure/soap nozzle) depending on your application. They are conveniently color-coded for easier identification.

You will be able to cover a sufficient work area with the 25-foot hose provided together with the unit.

Excell EPW2123100 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Compact and Robust

The Excell EPW2123100 Gas-Powered Pressure Washer has a sturdy, compact frame that is well-designed to keep all of its essential components away from any unwanted damage.

And with the 10-inch no-flat tires, you don’t have to worry about getting bogged down when you move the unit across whatever terrain.

Excell EPW2123100

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Final Words

The Excell EPW2123100 Gas-Powered Pressure Washer is an excellent value-for-money equipment that meets all your cleaning needs. At 3100 PSI 2.8 GPM, it has sufficient power and capability to meet all your heavy-duty pressure cleaning needs.

An additional point should also be awarded for its brass head pump which is a pleasant surprise considering its affordability compared to other brands in this category.

Having said that, we must note that this is not a perfect gas-powered pressure washer by any stretch. The hose quality could have been better and its 25-ft length may not sufficiently cover the needs of some users. You may also have to buy an extension for the wand as it is noticeably shorter and may come up short on some applications.

These are relatively minor flaws that can be easily fixed, however, which many value-conscious users can easily overlook in lieu of the unit’s affordability and impressive specifications on key performance areas.

Excell EPW2123100 Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer | Bestseller



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