Dremel US40-03 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit Review

Dremel is an American company famous for its quality rotary tools. Now, it looks like the company has taken everything in its Saw-Max cutting tool and kicked it up a notch higher in the Dremel US40-03 Ultra Saw Tool. The Ultra Saw is a versatile 3-in-1 device that can rip through plywood and even cut more metal. The included sturdy 7.5-Amp motor makes it a tool you’d need for robust applications and faster speed cuts. This device promises you durability with better surface preparation abilities. Here are some of the features that users of this tool love.

Dremel Ultra-Saw Tool Kit

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An Improvement on the Saw-Max

This Ultra-Saw model features a powerful 7.5A motor with a durable drive train, and a metal foot and guard. The Saw-Max had a plastic foot and guard. The cutting wheels on this saw are 3.5 inches and 4 inches in size. At first glance, the Dremel US40-03 is a heavier duty and more functional upgrade of the Saw-Max. While the Saw-Max was impressive, this Ultra-Saw appears to more useful and durable.


The US40-03 can cut through your metal pieces with ease; for example, rebar and metal tubing. It is also capable of removing material or smoothing surfaces using the grinding and surfacing attachment. Once you pop in the offset 4-inch wood cutting wheel, you can work on your wood projects with ease. This unit has a vacuum adapter available, but you’ll need to use a separate attachment that is not included in the US40-03 kit.

A side handle in the package will be handy when you are handling both cutting and grinding applications. The US40-03 kit has the saw itself, a 4-inch carbide wood cutting wheel, two 3.5-inch metal cutting wheels, a 3.5-inch masonry-cutting wheel, a 4-inch carbide wood flush cutting wheel, a US820 side handle, and a handy kit bag.

Dremel Ultra-Saw Tool Kit


Weighing only 4.6 pounds and measuring 13 inches by 3.5 inches by 5 inches, this Dremel saw is undoubtedly more convenient for handling compared to a full-size circular saw. The unit is perfect for small applications, and you can use it for working in tight spots where other larger saws may fail. The overall design of the unit is compact and easy to handle.

Two Cutting Positions

This Dremel US40 model is advertised as capable of handling tile, drywall, metal, plastic, and wood; meaning it’s a tool you can use on virtually all materials in your shop. The machine has two positions that increase its versatility.

The first position is for making your typical straight cut while the second position is designed to allow you to make flush cuts against a wall or along flooring. The added surface preparation benefit will enable you to use the US40-03 for removing paint and rust. It’s quite apparent that this mini circular saw is designed for more than just cutting applications!

Dremel Ultra-Saw Tool Kit

Dremel US40-03: Should You Be Using It?

Overall, the Dremel US40-03 Ultra Saw Tool is a reliable cutting machine that is ideal for making quick cuts and lives up to its 3-in-1 functionality by providing you with the ability for cutting metal, making wood material flush-cuts, and grinding or surfacing different materials.

Many people have found this little saw to be a handy alternative to the traditional circular saw when the jobs required are small. With all the features available, it will be a great addition to your shop’s tool collection.

Dremel US40-03 Ultra-Saw Tool Kit with 5...
  • Feel the power, Change highly engineered blades fast and easy to tackle any project
  • Powerful - 7.5-Amp motor works great tough on applications and faster cutting
  • 3-In-1 tool for expanded versatility - go beyond just cutting with the added benefit of surface preparation...

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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