Due to the popularity of Dremel, most people associate the brand as a company for making arts and crafts sets instead of serious tools for home improvement projects and DIY enthusiasts. While the Dremel tools are ideal for model making and carving, they usually don’t extend beyond small jobs to bigger tasks.

Dremel MM30-04 Multi-Max 3.3-Amp Oscillating Tool Kit

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However, someone has let loose creative tool designers at the Dremel factory, and the result is added versatility and utility in an entire array of multipurpose tools. One of these ingenious devices is the Dremel MM30-04 Oscillating Tool Kit. The tool perfectly fits into the Dremel brand because it offers you so many functions in a single unit; it scrapes, slices, sands, saws and much more! Dig into the details to appreciate just how much power this tool delivers you.


The MM30-40 is a corded oscillator unit with a 7-foot cable that offers users plenty of advantages. This helps the tool maintain its low weight of 4.5 pounds while eliminating frequent battery changing. In addition, you never have to worry about wasting long periods of time waiting for the batteries charge.

Dremel MM30-04 Oscillating Tool Review

Easy Tool Attachment

This Dremel model features an integrated wrench system that allows you to easily and quickly change accessories. The magnetic accessory interface makes it even easier to use the wrench while attaching a blade and keeps the attachment in place. Expect no rattle, shake or roll while using this unit. The wrench is conveniently stored at the front of the tool.

Easy Access Controls

This oscillator’s speed adjustment and on/off switch controls are in a comfortable access location, even as you work on your project. You have the option of purchasing an assist handle accessory that will make two-handed operations more comfortable.

Multiple Accessories

The kit includes a Dremel carry bag for storing tools and accessories. In the bag, you will find the flush, drywall/wood, and drywall jab cutting blades. A 1/6-inch grout removal blade, a hook and loop pad, three wood sandpaper sheets, and three sanding sheets.

Dremel MM30-04

Dremel MM30-04: Better Control

For a tool with a powerful 3.3-amp motor, the control capabilities of this unit are effortless. In general, oscillating devices are expected to carry out a multitude of functions that require back and forth movement of an accessory and no continuous movement in a single direction like rotary tools do.

For example, unlike the circular saw, you should expect no torque – in fact, nothing will make it jump in your hand. Also, the travel distance of the tools is limited in this Dremel Multi-Max unit, reducing vibration even further. Fortunately, blade accessories will not jam, even as you work in the tightest of quarters.

The Dremel MM30-04 Oscillating Tool Kit is a powerful, comfortable and easy to use tool that you can use in your refinishing, grinding, sanding, scraping and cutting applications in spots that traditional tools and larger models cannot reach.

While this unit only accepts Dremel attachments, its quick release on-tool integrated wrench and magnetic quick hold accessory interface means that you no longer have to worry about losing your wrench. The systems ensure that tightening an accessory is much more comfortable.

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