Dremel 220-01 vs WEN 4208: Drill Press Comparison

In order to find the right tool with all the relevant features and accessories to address your needs, it is necessary to gather enough data and conduct your own due diligence to find the perfect one among the myriad of choices that are available on the market.

Dremel 220-01 vs WEN 4208 Drill Press Comparison

Dremel 220-01

For craftsmen and occasional hobbyists alike, the drill press can be one of the most important tools in their work shed. In this review, we will be evaluating two products which are vying under this particular category: The Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Drill Press and the WEN 4208 8-in. 5-Speed Drill Press.

Dremel has built a reputation for coming up with quality specialized tools and accessories. Over the years they have consistently released innovative tools for various applications that have garnered mostly positive reviews from users.

The Dremel 220-01 is one of their latest innovations which effectively combines three main functions: a drill press, tool holder, and flex shaft tool stand in one.

It measures a mere 6 x 6 x 12 inches which make it very convenient to move around to wherever your workpiece might be located. Its telescopic tool stand provides the flexibility to be able to elongate to any height ranging from 16 to 29 inches. The tool holder also gives it the capability to polish, sand and grind various objects and surfaces up to 90 degrees horizontally.

WEN 4208 vs Dremel 220-01 Drill Press Comparison

WEN 4208

Its base is marked with both Metric and English units to help you come up with accurate results regardless of which measurement system you are comfortable with. It’s the perfect complement to the other Dremel rotary tool products available.

On the other hand, the WEN 4208 Drill Press also offers strong features and capabilities that are expected of a more conventional drill press. It measures a good 7.5 x 22.9 x 11 inches, so it may be relatively more difficult to move around if necessity dictates.

You can choose operating speeds ranging from 740 to 3140 RPM, whichever is appropriate for your needs. Affordable yet powerful, it delivers enough torque and a rated output of 1/3 horsepower coming from a robust induction motor.

The worktable may be beveled up to 45 degrees to the left or right, which is very convenient in performing drilling tasks at an angle. The set also contains a ½” keyed chuck, chuck key and other necessary tools needed for assembling the equipment.

Dremel 220-01 vs WEN 4208

Dremel 220-01


DREMEL 220-01
The entire machine is composed of equal parts metal and plastic. Because of this, there are instances where significant play and wobbling may be observed as you try to drill into your workpiece especially when working on harder materials.

WEN 4208
A sturdy frame with a durable cast iron base, table and head supports the entire drill press, successfully preventing any possible scenario wherein the drill press may wobble or ‘walk’. Bolt holes are also provided to easily secure the power tool safely onto the workbench.

The stability of the drill press is a very critical consideration, for safety and work precision purposes. While Dremel had a very good intention in trying to come up with a practical 3-in-1 tool on the 220-01 Drill Press, they, unfortunately, sacrificed on the stability factor by scrimping on the components. If your main goal is to buy a drill press, I suggest you go directly for the more conventional and sturdier drill press which is the WEN 4208 rather than waste your time on the 3-in-1 option offered by Dremel.

WEN 4208 vs Dremel 220-01

WEN 4208

Accuracy and Precision

DREMEL 220-01
Theoretically, this drill press is full of exciting capabilities that should have been very useful for a variety of applications such as the articulating drill press, a tool holder which can be positioned up to 90 degrees horizontally, and a flex shaft tool stand which can be adjusted to a height between 16 to 29 inches for your most comfortable working position.

However, the instability problems mentioned above and the presence of plastic (where sturdier metal parts should have been) have effectively negated and wasted these novel 3-in-1 ideas because poor design execution has resulted in an equipment that exhibits a lot of wobbling (especially once the bit makes contact with the workpiece) such that critical parameters such as precision and repeatability are entirely out of the question.

WEN 4208
This tool is equipped with a powerful induction motor which provides it with a smooth and consistent performance, allowing it to accurately drill holes on a wide variety of materials such as wood, plastic, various metals and heavy-duty cast iron even at high speeds.

It also comes with a depth adjustment gauge which accurately sets the desired spindle travel. Combining all of the above features with a rigid frame and a cast iron base, table, and head for stability then you have a drill press that’s specifically built for accuracy and precision, on top of everything else.

Judging by the summation above, it’s quite obvious: The WEN 4208 Drill Press takes the cake in this particular category by a mile.

Dremel 220-01 Drill Press

Dremel 220-01

Electrical Supply

DREMEL 220-01
This is a corded tool, hence you have to place it near an AC outlet for its power source.

WEN 4208
This corded equipment draws from a 120V 60Hz AC electrical supply.

The Dremel and the WEN drill press are both corded electric machines that need to draw power from a stable power outlet in order to operate. As such, both power tools only have a limited range to work and will require an extension cord if your workpiece happens to be located a little bit far from the power outlet.

WEN vs Dremel

WEN 4208

Dremel 220-01 vs WEN 4208: Final Words

It becomes clear upon closer inspection, that the Dremel 220-01 Drill Press and the WEN 4208 Drill Press are actually two different units that just happen to share some overlapping functions.

Dremel vs WEN Drill Press

While it may initially appear that the Dremel 220-01 may be the more versatile version of the two because of its 3-in-1 capability, that novelty quickly wears off once you figure out that the more critical result parameters such as accuracy and repeatability have actually been sacrificed, as a result of poor design execution and sub-par materials, in pursuit of that multi-tasking capability.

If you are on the lookout for a good old drill press that can satisfactorily perform the tasks you require and will last you for a very long time, just go directly for the more conventional but reliable and durable option between the two: The WEN 4208 Drill Press.

WEN 4208 Drill Press

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