Difference Between Impact Driver and Drill

Difference Between Impact Driver and Drill
Everybody needs a power drill in their house. As your catalog of tools gets larger, you’ll come to see that an impact drill is a must. We have written this guide to outline the basics, their advantages, of both a standard drill and an impact drill. Continue on reading, to find out how we breakdown the battle of drill vs. impact drill so you find what fits your needs best.

An impact driver (impact drill) and cordless drill are some of the most and commonly found tools, you can find them just about in every garage or toolbox around. Every mechanic knows the difference in having an impact drill and a cordless drill.

The difference isn’t always obvious to those entering the world of tools, especially power tools, or to those who use tools on an irregular basis. This piece is meant to help out those who do not know much about this world of tools, specifically power tools, and want to know more. We will go into the specific differences between the both a cordless drill and impact drills. Not to say that professionals can’t also learn a little bit along the way.

Impact Driver vs. Drill
While the two both appear and behave in similar fashions, they very much have different functionality. They both are offered in models with a cord and those without, as well as having the function to run reverse, for when removing screws.

Drill Driver
This is a tool with peak power, over time is has ditched the cord and become more lightweight. With this loss of weight, the durability and reliability has not wavered, it has merely been streamlined and developed as a better model.

Time and time again people have drilled screws into whatever smooth seamless surface would allow, but with awkward spots this task seems to leave you with a sore wrist and possible even worn down screws

With a drill there is some flexibility to it, and you can control the speeds, this is great for when you need to place many screws into many different holes. Commonly drills nowadays, will come with a spindle lock so you can switch to different bits if need be.

The drill driver is something that will remain in the workman’s “toolbelt” for the foreseeable future.

Impact Driver
Although it looks just like a drill driver, the impact driver is quintessentially different and definitely has a classier feel with its fanciful upgrades when compared to the drill driver.

Fundamentally it performs like a typical drill when pushing a screw into a hole. However, this impact driver can sense when resistance is building and add another level of torque into its power. This leaves you with greater control of the angling and direction of a screw as well as leaving you in more comfortable positions to quickly put screws in. In the end the result is less money spent replacing stripped screws.

The tricky part to the impact drill is that you never really know when the extra torque is going to kick in, so if you’re looking for some type of precision this is the impact driver’s lone fault.
It’s not so much a matter of picking the one over the other but rather that you may use one rather than the other. They have different purposes and so you must just realize what you are needing out of the tool.

The biggest difference between the two tools is the range of projects which each tool can perform. The cordless drill is easily the best choice for versatility. Cordless drills can be used to drill holes of differing sizes as well as many at a time, as described earlier.

The ability to switch out bits of all sorts, from polishing wheels to grinding wheels, and have consistent torque throughout the projects gives this the edge when it comes all around ability, great for all kinds of home projects, carpentry, metal work, and more.

While the impact drill is more for removing or driving in screws or fasteners.

You can still drill new holes with the impact drill, but you need hex shank drill bits that are specific to the impact drill. These hexagonal drill bits are not available in all sizes like normal drill bits are. As a rule there is no need to use an impact driver when there is a cordless drill around, the cordless seems to drill into softer material much better.

Impact Driver TEK Screw
The best part of an impact drill is when you need to drill in longer screws, there’s no hassle at all. With the impact drill, you have to apply some pressure to get the screw to catch on materials like hardwood or other firmer materials. This can strain your wrist especially when you need to work on a large project requiring lots of fasteners and screw at strange angles even. Prevent carpal tunnel and invest in an impact driver.

You may be confused as to why we are advocating for the impact drill if it can only perform half the tasks that cordless drill can perform. Well, one of the major strengths to the impact drill is that is hare much more rotatory power. The torque that an impact drill has completely surpasses that which is offered by a cordless drill.

Earlier I made a point about the internal impact mechanism, which allows you to drive in more screws and fasteners with much more ease that the cordless drill. The impact drill is far more powerful than a cordless drill.

Brushed vs Brushless
One factor you are going to want to consider is whether to get a brushed motor or one that is without a brush.

Because of the friction products in the brushed motor it is more efficient than the brushless option. There is no friction involved in a brushless motor which can be seen as an advantage in that there will be more power delivered to the tool, the motor is more precise, the power is easier to control, longer battery life, and less risk of overheating. These brushless tools do not need as much maintenance. Due to the contact friction, the pieces in a brushed motor need to be replaced more often. With the lack of maintenance there is a higher cost involved.

If you are planning to use you tools heavily and consistently the brushless motor may be the better option over the long haul. However, if you are only using the tools on occasional circumstances, than a brushed motor would save you on the upfront cost.

Final Words
With that, you can see all the differences involved in impact drivers and drills, now you are left to make the decision on which is better on your own. The power drill is great for the occasional use around the house or for quick projects, while the more advanced projects will require using a impact driver. There is the possibility to find a combination kit where you have the option of impact driver with a cordless function. If you only need to use the tools once, it may be worth your while to rent the tools. This is always possible at The Home Depot.

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