DEWALT DXV10P 10 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum Review

The worst part of woodworking or construction work is cleaning up afterward. Who out there can truly say they enjoy collecting wood chips off of floors, drying muddy puddles, and sweeping microscopic wood and cement dust out of every corner of a room nobody, that’s who! So if there were only a tool that could clean up both wet and dry messes without too much fuss, that’d be great.

DEWALT DXV10P 10 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

Well, greatness is encased in the DEWALT DXV10P, a huge wet/dry vacuum designed for any construction job. This heavy-duty, low-maintenance vacuum can make a great piece for your cleanup routine. In this article, we’d like to discuss the cleaning magic that the DXV10P has to offer.

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Beefy 5.5-HP Motor and 5.5-CFM Suction

Before settling on a wet/dry vac, the most important consideration to make is whether the device has powerful enough to suction up all types of debris from your workspace. A beefier motor is preferred in wet settings since viscous residue like cement globs are harder to suction up.

The DXV10P is equipped with a heavy-duty 5.5-HP motor that’s built for the toughest cleaning jobs. It produces 5.5 CFM of suction power for lifting any loose and/or soaking wet piece of debris from any surface.

Large 10-gallon Storage

Whatever you suction up has to be stored somewhere, and in wet/dry vacuums, it’s the storage container that makes up the majority of the unit’s body. The DXV10P comes with a massive 10-gallon storage bin to hold onto a tremendous amount of wet and dry debris.

A bigger canister means when it fills up it’ll weigh quite a lot, but it also means you’ll spend less time emptying the canister and more time cleaning up.

Dual-Stage Filtration

One thing that has confused many people is this product’s “2x Runtime” label when the DXV10P is equipped with a dual-stage filtration process. This process separates the debris based on size, so the included filter does not become clogged as easily. With that in mind, this dry/wet vac offers roughly twice as much cleaning time before the captured debris needs to be disposed of.

DEWALT DXV10P 10 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

Rubberized Casters

Although the dry weight of this wet/dry vac is pretty light, as it fills with whatever mess you suction up, it can be a pain lifting the unit to and fro. Luckily, the DXV10P comes with four rubberized caster wheels that let the tool glide seamlessly across your workspace.

Built-in Blower Port

Apart from suctioning up debris from your workspace, the DXV10P also comes with a blow port that blasts out a steady stream of air. Although the blowing feature is nice, the port isn’t exactly the greatest out there.

We and many other customers have found that the port is made of cheap plastic which can snap off in the first use. The good thing is that super glue can fix it right up. The bad part is that it’s cheap and requires a makeshift solution to fix.

Three Cleaning Attachments

You can connect the hose to a 1-7/8-inch port on your power tool, or you can fix one of the three attachments to the end of the hose for convenient cleaning. These attachments are a floor nozzle, a utility nozzle, and a crevice nozzle.

When sawdust and cement dust falls all over the place, your best bet is to use the wide floor nozzle for efficient cleaning. There’s also a utility nozzle that’s narrower than the floor nozzle but great for picking up concentrated clumps of dust. And when debris gets trapped in tight spaces, just attach the crevice nozzle and suction that dirt right up. These nozzles are great for cleaning the interior of cars as well.

DEWALT Wet Dry Vacuum

Convenient Storage Spaces

With the hose, the power cord, and the three cleaning attachments, how on earth are you going to store them without losing them during transport DEWALT has thought of that, and they’ve included handy storage spaces where each of the aforementioned items goes.

The power cord has a specialized space on the upper part of the vacuum that keeps it properly wrapped up to prevent tangling and damage. The detachable hose and extension wands can go right inside of the unit when putting it away or taking it with you. All of the cleaning attachments fit right into the included bag that hooks onto the back of the unit.

Quiet Operation

Although you should be wearing proper ear protection at the job site, the DXV10P when running won’t beat against your eardrums. While activated, this dry/wet vac generates roughly 65 decibels of noise – about the same level as conversation tones at a restaurant – so there’s hardly any risk of hearing damage while using it. No more reverberating noises down the hallway while you work at dark, unpowered construction sites!

Reusable Filter

Although a True HEPA filter would be ideal, the DXV10P comes with the next best filter: a washable, reusable filter that lasts for roughly an entire year before needing replacing. Of course, the frequency of purchasing replacements depends on how often you use the tool and what sort of debris you’re cleaning up. So when you feel a noticeable reduction in suction power, simply take the filter out, give it a good squeezing under running water, let it dry, and you’re good to get back to work.

DEWALT Wet Dry Vacuum

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DeWALT DXV10P 10 gallon Quiet Poly Wet Dry Vacuum...
  • Sturdy 10 gallon dual-stage wet/dry Vac has quieter operation for clean-up applications. Tool Length-19.9 inch
  • Powerful 5.5 peak horsepower motor provides just the amount of suction needed to most any cleanup job
  • Ultra durable rubberized casters allow smooth swiveling for ease of movement
  • Extra long, 20' Power cord with cord wrap helps reach almost any cleanup need

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If you’re looking for a heavy-duty dry/wet vac for use at professional woodshops or construction sites, the DXV10P will not disappoint. Its awesome 5.5-HP motor provides 5.5 CFM of suction power for picking up any and every piece of debris cluttering your floors.

The dual-stage filtration allows you to work for longer between each filter wash. The blower port is also a handy feature if you’d like to throw away all of the trapped debris in an instant, though you need to be careful about how you attach a bag to the port since it can snap rather easily.

All in all, this is an excellent dry/wet vac for cleaning floors and cars of both small and large debris.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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