DEWALT DCK955X Cordless Combo Kit Review

Dewalt is well-known for producing high-quality, durable power tools. With the Dewalt DCK955X pp9-Tool Combo Kit, they have put together a lineup of their most useful power tools that anybody would be proud to have on their arsenal, whether you are a weekend DIYer or a seasoned professional.

DEWALT DCK955X 18-Volt XRP Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit Review

The nine tools, together with some accessories, are neatly packed inside two contractor bags. This combo kit gives you real value for your money especially if you happen to regularly use all of these tools, as it would actually cost you a lot more if you were to buy each one separately.

These cordless tools give you the freedom to work anywhere you want as long as you bring enough battery power with you. A single charger and two 18-volt batteries are also provided with this set.

Included in the combo kit are the following 18-volt power tools:

1. DEWALT DCD950 XRP ½-inch hammer drill
2. DEWALT DC390 6-1/2-inch circular saw
3. DEWALT DC385 reciprocating saw
4. DEWALT DW059 ½-inch high torque impact wrench
5. DEWALT DC825 ¼-inch impact driver
6. DEWALT DC330 jigsaw
7. DEWALT DC411 cut-off tool
8. DEWALT DC550 cut-out tool
9. DEWALT DW919 flexible floodlight

DCD950 18-Volt XRP 1/2-inch Hammerdrill

The hammer drill may be considered as the most basic power tool that everyone should have at home. The Dewalt DCD950 18-volt XRP 1/2-inch hammer drill has a proprietary 3-speed transmission which allows proper matching of the required speed to your intended application.

The control for changing speeds is now conveniently set front to back and has positive stops to easily shift between speeds. The double-collar design also enables you to jump between screwdriving, drilling, or hammer drilling modes without touching the clutch setting.

It also comes with a self-tightening chuck that has double the bit-holding strength of other ratcheting chucks thereby making it tenaciously effective in preventing bits from slipping. The combined effects of the highly-efficient, powerful frameless motor with the patented 3-speed transmission make this drill super-efficient – allowing this model to have 30% more running time compared to the previous XRP drill incarnations.

DC825 18-Volt ¼-Inch Impact Driver

An essential tool in the bat-belt of professionals like HVAC technicians, steel framers, deck workers, electricians, cupboard installers, and other electro-mechanical contractors is most likely an impact driver.

DEWALT DCK955X 18-Volt XRP Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit

The DC825 18-volt ¼-inch impact driver is a compact tool designed to handle a variety of nut & bolt combination activities with ease. Its super-fast frameless motor not only leads to more airflow and power, but is also critical in providing the tool with efficient performance, serviceability, and durability.

Its smaller “toolprint” and light weight make it easy to use even in tight areas and overhead applications. It is provided with an upgraded changeable speed reversing switch which allows for better handling when removing or setting fasteners.

Other useful features are its comfortable anti-slip grip, LED work light, and an accessory recess which can be useful if you want to attach an after-market accessory.

DC390 18-Volt 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw

This is the power tool version of the Japanese Katana. The DC390 18-volt 6-1/2-inch circular saw can easily cut through a chunky piece of wood at a 45-degree angle with just a single motion.


DC411 18-Volt Cut-Off Tool

With 6,500 RPM, the DC411 18-volt cut-off tool is a highly powerful and reliable tool for those grinding and cutting applications.

DEWALT DCK955X Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit

DC330 18-Volt Jig Saw

This portable power tool is the go-to expert for cutting curves, and with the right type of blade not only does it penetrate through the wood but even on tougher surfaces such as fiberglass, steel, and drywall. It also has a variety of metal lever actions and keyless quick-changing blade system for swift and hassle-free use.

DEWALT DCK955X 18-Volt XRP Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit Review

DW059 18-Volt 1/2-inch High Torque Impact Wrench

The DW059 18-volt ½-inch high torque impact wrench is a very strong tool that is capable of giving out a maximum torque of 300 ft-per-pound – so you can get in and out of there in a hurry.


DC550 18-Volt Cut-Out Tool

The versatile DC550 18-volt cut-out tool utilizes a tool-free bit changing system, providing quick and easy work of whatever application.

DC385 18-Volt Reciprocating Saw

The keyless blade clamp of the DC385 18-volt reciprocating saw provides for fast changing of blades without actually touching either the blade nor the shaft. It easily cuts through all kinds of tough surfaces ranging from hardwood to ordinary lumber or even steel, aluminum, and many other metals.

DW919 18-Volt Flexible Floodlight

In order to make full use of all the power tools in this kit, you would need to have enough light to guide you when working in dark, enclosed places. The DW919 18-volt flexible floodlight provides you with exactly that, and since it’s hands-free, you can continue without losing precious time.

DEWALT DCK955X 9-Tool Review

DEWALT DCK955X: Conclusion

I’ll make this recommendation short and sweet. Go ahead and get yourself the Dewalt DCK955X 18-volt cordless 9-tool combo kit when you get the chance.

It is quite possibly one of the best investments that you could ever make. With proper use, care and maintenance, these tools should last you for a very long time.

DEWALT DCK955X 18-Volt XRP Cordless 9-Tool Combo Kit Review

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