Dewalt DCD777C2 vs DCD780C2 Compact Drill

Having the right tool for the job means everything. You don’t want to be up on a ladder, drilling away at a piece of material, only to find that your drill doesn’t have the power to drill right, or – God forbid – the battery power to last. What we need is the right tool for the job, and the right tool is one that can perform well at what you’re doing and much more. For this reason, many professional and DIY hobbyists go to DeWalt.

Dewalt DCD777C2 vs Dewalt DCD780C2: Compact Drill Comparison

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The good thing about DeWalt power tools is that you can never go wrong. Their line of power tools is known to be among the best-performing pieces of equipment out there. There are slight variances between each of their models, but they mean the world when you’re working in your workshop or at a job site.

The tools we are going to compare are the DeWalt DCD77C2 and the DCD780C2 compact drills. Both are extremely popular and are a great investment for craft work, but which of the two is the better choice?

Motor and Battery Power

There is a significant difference between the DCD777C2 and the DCD780C2 compact drills by DeWalt. First of all the DCD777C2 uses a brushless motor which translates to greater battery efficiency. This means you can work longer without having to return to the charging station to refuel the batteries.

Dewalt DCD777C2 vs Dewalt DCD780C2


If you’re constantly drilling, you can expect to get upwards of 25 minutes of work done on a single charge. When it’s run out of juice, it’ll take approximately 30 minutes to charge from 0% to 100% so there’s very little downtime between drill sessions.

On the other hand, the DCD780C2 model uses a brushed motor which produces significantly more heat when you work, and battery power will be lost more quickly compared to brushless models. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not an energy-efficient tool.

When the unit is drilling without breaks, you should be able to get around 25 minutes of work done from a single charge, and the rechargeable batteries only take 25 minutes to reach maximum capacity.

Looking at the motor and expected battery life per charge, you should be able to get more work done within a day by using the DCD780C2 model. Professional workers will need to save time, and extra minutes from between charges can make a large difference. However, for your own personal home projects, time isn’t that much of a factor, so you might find the DCD777C2 model to give you the right amount of time to take a break between drilling. Or, if you want to get rid of the charging-time variance, just purchase additional rechargeable Li-Ion batteries so you can work while charging the second set of batteries.

Dewalt DCD780C2 vs Dewalt DCD777C2



Both the DCD777C2 and the DCD780C2 models have 2-speed transmission for drilling both delicate and tough materials. In the DCD777C2 model, the first gear goes from 0 to 600 RPM, and the second gear can reach up to 1,750 RPM. The DCD780C2 model is similar, where the first gear reaches up to 600 RPM, but the second gear can go as high as 2,000 RPM.

In comparison, 250 RPM doesn’t really make that much of a difference for house projects since shaving seconds won’t accumulate into anything meaningful. However, it’s clear that the DCD780C2 model is built more specifically for professional craftsmen who need the extra speed to finish work cleanly and quickly. In terms of speed, the user has to determine how substantial 250 RPM makes.

Weight and Dimensions

When working with compact drills, we like to know that we can work for long periods of time without losing the feeling in our arms, either due to the weight of the unit or vibrations when drilling.

In terms of weight, the DCD777C2 is an extremely light 2.5 pounds. Users will hardly feel a thing when lifting the drill and working in various positions. Getting drilling done above the head isn’t an issue since 2.5 pounds can easily be carried with one hand in high spots without feeling tired.

Dewalt DCD780C2 vs DCD777C2


The DCD780C2 isn’t that much heavier, weighing it at around 3.4 pounds. The extra 0.9 pounds isn’t that significant, and users will find lifting the unit high above the head and working at weird angles in tight spots, not an issue at all.

When it comes to the nose-to-end length of the unit, this can make or break the “compact” quality of a compact drill. The DCD777C2 is 12.5-inches long. It can be tiresome to hold a long power drill at awkward angles in tight spaces, but you should be able to get things done effectively.

The DCD780C2 is much more compact, measuring at only 7.5 inches from nose to end. This allows users to squeeze the drill into tighter spaces and drill in awkward angles without many issues.

Dewalt DCD777C2 vs DCD780C2


Between the two models, the additional 0.9 pounds of the DCD780C2 isn’t that big of a difference, so working with it for extended periods of time isn’t that much of a bother. Some customers even complimented this model for being a little on the heavy side since the added weight offers greater balance to the unit.

However, the length of a compact drill is essential since we need to know that the drill can work in tight spaces without blocking your line of sight. In this sense, it makes more sense to go for the shorter DCD780C2 model since holding and angling a longer drill in tight spaces can be annoying.

Dewalt DCD777C2 vs Dewalt DCD780C2 Compact Drill


Dewalt DCD777C2 vs DCD780C2 Bottom Line

You really can’t go wrong with a DeWalt power tool. The US-based company is known to be one of the best manufacturers of high-end power tools. Between the Dewalt DCD777C2 and the DCD780C2, there is really not much difference. Sure, there’s a maximum speed difference, charging time variance, and other nitpicky things we discussed earlier, but at the end of the day, both of these tools can be helpful for working on any DIY project or at the job site.

Dewalt Compact Drill Comparison

However, if we were to choose one over the other, the Dewalt DCD780C2 is definitely the way to go. The quicker motor speed, added weight, shorter nose-to-end length, and reduced battery charging time all make it both efficient and effective for professional jobs and even better for home projects.

Dewalt DCD780C2 vs Dewalt DCD777C2 Compact Drill


This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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