DEWALT DCD777C2 Compact Drill Driver Review

One of the most valuable power tools you can have at home or at the job site is an impact driver. Woodworkers, mechanics, and even DIY-hobbyists can find value with an impact driver in their toolkits. Of the companies that produce impact drivers, one of the most well-known manufacturers is DEWALT. This American company is the go-to company for reliable power tools that deliver as much power and speed as you need. In this article, we’re going to check out one of DEWALT’s highest prized impact drivers: the DCD7772C2. Let’s take a closer look and see why this model deserves the praise it gets.


1.3-Amp Brushless Motor

Impact drivers come with either brushed or brushless motors. Brushless motors are the newer innovation in the power tools game, and they’re pushing heat-producing brushed motors slowly away. The 1.3-amp motor in the DCD777C2 is brushless, meaning that heat dissipates quickly, it requires no maintenance to replace worn-out brushes, and it can provide stable power for years on end.

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Chuck Size

The larger the chuck, the more powerful the motor needs to be to produce enough speed and power. The largest size chuck that you’ll need for more jobs around the home is a ½-inch chuck which is what you get with the DCD777C2. With an adapter, you can attach bits with smaller or larger diameters.


Like power drills, impact drivers also have the ability to drive screws in wood and other dense materials. The maximum speed at which it drives screws, nuts, and fasteners is 1,600 RPM. This is about the average speed you’ll find in impact drivers with similar motors and chuck sizes.


What really separates an impact driver from a power drill is that there is a hammering/bumping feature that helps drive screws more effectively. Imagine bashing a screwdriver on the handle while the tip is attached to a screw head; that’s essentially what the bumps do: give it extra power to tighten or loosen screws and nuts. The DCD777C2 delivers up to 3,200 BPM, so you know your screws are getting an extra kick to ensure deep driving.


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In addition to the speed and bumps, we also need to measure how much torque the impact driver produces. Higher torque means effective driving of screws and fasteners. This tool delivers up to 500 inch-pounds of torque. This isn’t exactly at the higher end of the torque spectrum, but for most residential and carpentry tasks, this should be more than enough.

Adjustable Speed and Power

In general, there are two systems to give users the ability to adjust how much speed and power to deliver. The first one is a variable speed dial/knob/switch to go up and down gears. The second system, and the one in place in the DCD777C2, is a touch-sensitive trigger. We find that the trigger of this tool is easy to control, and users can adjust speed and power easily with a very small risk of overdriving.

LED Lights

There will be moments where you’ll need to fasten or loosen nuts or screws in the dark. This can be risky since you may not be able to see how far you’ve driven the screw or missed the place completely. The DCD777C2 comes with three LED lights located near the chuck to illuminate surfaces extremely well.

Dual 20V Batteries

The main issue that people have with cordless tools is that their batteries can only last for so long before needing to be recharged. The good thing is that with the DeWalt DCD777C2, you get two 20V batteries and a rapid charger. Each battery provides around 40 minutes of work and takes just about that much time to recharge to full capacity. This means you can reduce downtime for as long as it takes to swap out batteries.


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Carrying Case

We are huge fans of hard carrying cases. Unfortunately, the DCD777C2 comes with a flexible, cloth case. However, we were surprised to see that the bag does a great job at keeping the tool, batteries, and charger in place without them bumping into each other all day long. Still, we would recommend purchasing a hard case to keep this tool and batteries nice and safe.


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DEWALT DCD777C2: Final Remarks

When it comes to impact drivers, there are several companies you can go to, but we find that the DEWALT company is one of the most trustworthy. Their DeWalt DCD777C2 Compact Drill Driver is something to behold. The 1.3-amp brushless motor provides enough RPM and BPM, though its torque delivery is something of a disappointment, hobbyists and carpenters will find it efficient enough.

One thing you don’t find in many impact driver models is the second battery that comes with this kit. This means you don’t need to spend extra money to reduce downtime thanks to the backup battery and rapid charger. If you’re looking to own your first impact driver, we highly recommend getting the DCD777C2.


DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Drill / Driver Kit,...
  • DEWALT drill with brushless motor delivers more run time over brushed
  • This power drill is compact (7.52" front to back). Lightweight design fits into tight areas
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handle of Dewalt 20V drill provides ideal balance and tool control

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