DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty Wet Tile Saw Review

Wet tile saws are the pro’s choice for slicing down tiles to size. These tools use a tiny submersible pump which draws water from a tray then sprays it onto a diamond-coated blade to keep it cool while simultaneously minimizing floating dust particles when cutting tiles. Needless to say, wet tile saws offer cleaner edges, no burn marks, and reduced flaking. The DeWalt D24000S is a perfect example of a clean-cutting wet tile saw. This lightweight tool is relatively compact, and the kit includes a foldable stand for easy storage and portability. Let’s dive in and see what this wet tile saw has to offer.

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw

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Powerful Direct Drive Motor

The 15.0 amp motor delivers an amazing 4,200 RPM of a diamond-grit blade for tearing through tiles like butter. The direct drive motor means that there are no gears which wear out over time, effectively extending the life of the wet tile saw.

Cutting Performance

This wet tile saw can be mitered up to 45°, but a miter stop locks in at 22.5° if you need to make more acute cuts. While the blade is standing upright, it can cut 3 1/8-inches deep, giving it the capacity to cut V-caps and pavers sizes. This wet saw features two water nozzles which provide a constant flow of water to lubricate the diamond-grit blade and reduce airborne porcelain, stone, and glass particles.

One minor issue that customers talk about is that, depending on the materials being cut, you’ll need to play around with the water placement to provide optimal dust-reduction and lubrication on both the tile and blade.

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw

Stainless Steel Rail

One important feature that some first-time buyers may ignore is the smoothness of guiding the fence. The wet tile saw and blade stay in place while the user pushes the material laid on top of a fence into the rotating blade. The high-quality stainless steel rail is perfectly constructed, making the fence seem to float. The rail makes straight cuts in the tile extremely easy to do. The rail supports 24-inch rip capacity and 18-inch diagonal pieces of tile on virtually every type of material.

D24001 Stand and Pump

The stand that comes with this kit carries up to five gallons of water. The pump (included with the set) remains submerged comfortably under water, bringing up sufficient amounts of water to the blade.

One thing that many wet tile saw users complain about (not exclusive to this DeWalt model) is that the residual dust from cutting stone or porcelain tiles drop into the stand’s water tray, being sucked up again to lubricate the blade. The problem is the dust particles can damage the pump and possibly ruin cuts. To be safe, submerge the pump into a separate pool of clean water.

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw

Lightweight and Portable Built

As we mentioned before, this tool is built with maximum portability. This is perfect for professional workers who need a reliable wet tile saw to take with them from job site to job site. The wet tile saw and the collapsible table together weigh only 69 pounds.

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw

DEWALT D24000S: Bottom Line

The light, super-powerful DeWalt DS24000S is the ideal tool for cutting porcelain and stone tiles when remodeling the floors of any room. This kit includes both the 10-inch wet tile saw and stand for cutting tiles to size. Together, this kit weighs only 69 pounds, which isn’t exactly the lightest model out there, but it’s light enough to take from place to place.

The 24-inch rip capacity makes this tool perfect for cutting down enormous porcelain, stone, or glass tiles. The combination of 4,200 RPM and dual water nozzles work extremely effectively and lubricating the blade and tile, reducing the risk of burned edges and flaking. If you’re looking for a serious wet tile saw, the DeWalt D24000S might just be the tool for you.

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw

DEWALT Wet Tile Saw with Stand, 10-Inch (D24000S)
  • Your purchase includes One Dewalt 10-Inch Wet Tile Saw, Wet Tile Saw Stand, 10-Inch XP4 Porcelain Tile Blade,...
  • Tool dimensions: 36” L x 29” W x 24” H. Tool weight: 69 lbs. Voltage – 120V. Peak Horsepower – 1.5...
  • Other specifications: Arbor Size – 5/8”. Blade Diameter – 10". Diagonal Cut Capacity 18” x 18”. Max...

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