Cutech 40160H-CT Bench Top Jointer Review

For serious woodworkers around the glove, a jointer is the most crucial power tool to have. Having a jointer in your workshop can help cut material costs by allowing you to mill your boards purchased from a cheap lumber yard. The only surefire way to ensure a flat surface is by grinding away at twists and cups with a jointer’s upward-facing cutter head.

Cutech Jointer

In this article, we’d like to introduce and review the Cutech 40160H-CT Benchtop Spiral-Cutterhead Jointer. Of the seemingly infinite number of benchtop jointers available on the market, we feel that it’s time to raise awareness of a lesser-known manufacturer to see whether they can swim with the sharks (DEWALT, Black+Decker, Bosch, Delta, and so on). So fasten your seatbelts as we dive into the realm of the unknown.

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10-Amp Motor

The motor is the heart of any jointer. The performance of a jointer depends mightily on how powerful the motor is. When working with hardwoods, the jointer should have a strong motor to drive the cutter head and blade inserts deep into the dense material. This Cutech jointer comes equipped with a strong 10-amp motor which is about in the middle of the benchtop jointer motor spectrum. The motor rotates the cutterhead at a rate of 11,000 RPM.

Cutech Jointer

6-inch Cutterhead

Like many benchtop jointers available on the market, the Cutech comes with a 6-inch cutter head. This is pretty much standard, and there’s nothing to wet your pants about. However, it’s nice to know that this relatively unknown power tools manufacturer can install a standard 6-inch wide cutter head to ensure the same cutting capacity as its competitors.

12 Double-Sided HSS Inserts

Something that should excite you about the 40160H-CT is the number of blades that are inserted into the cutter head. The 6-inch cutter head has a dozen slots for reversible high-speed steel blades. With so many blades and at such a high RPM rate, this tool can deliver upwards of 20,000 cuts per minute, producing a super-fine finish of the same quality as name-brand jointers.

Spiral Cutterhead

This benchtop jointer uses a spiral cutter. The blade inserts are positioned in a spiral pattern along the width of the cutter head, which is more effective than a straight cutter head. Apart from working extremely well at gnawing away thin layers of your workpiece, it also produces finer debris which is easier to suction up.

The only way to produce a truly flat surface on your boards is by pushing the piece up against the work fence while it passes over the cutter head. A tilting fence is preferable as it allows users to produce flat surfaces with angled edges. The Cutech has a fence that tilts from 90° to 135° (45° outwards).

Level Adjustable Beds

One of the biggest problems with jointers, even some brand-name models, is the infeed bed. At times, even with meticulous tampering, the infeed bed can be a tad bit too high or too low, leading to tapered cuts (flat but at an undesired angle). The Cutech’s level adjustable bed does not have as big a problem as other models. The table can be adjusted to cut up to 1/8 of an inch of material per pass.

Jointers can be dangerous tools, even when you’re wearing the right PPE. They’re also notorious for spreading sawdust and chips around the floor of your workshop, and weeks after using one you’ll still end up picking up hidden piles of debris. The Cutech’s built-in dust ejection port solves the problem of messy workstations. All you need to do is connect your shop vac or attach the included filter bag to the port and voila! The only debris you’ll have to worry about is the stuff that comes flying from the cutter head.

40-pound Build

One of the most impressive things about this Cutech jointer is its weight. The unit is made almost entirely out of durable cast iron that’ll shatter concrete floors if dropped. The aluminum fence is extremely durable and hardly adds any weight to the unit. As a portable jointer – something to take with you from job site to job site – this is worth considering.

Final Thoughts

Cutech is not as popular as other power tools manufacturers, and this is truly surprising. Based on this benchtop jointer alone, we see huge similarities in terms of performance and design with other huge brand-name jointers. But perhaps the best thing about this tool is the spiral cutter head which does a much better job at shaving thin layers off of your workpiece with every pass. And it comes with a beefy 10-amp motor to boot. If you’re looking for a portable jointer, the Cutech 40160H-CT is worth considering.

Cutech Jointer

Cutech 40160H-CT 6" Bench Top Spiral Cutterhead...
  • Powerful 10 Amp 120V motor
  • Spiral Cutterhead with 12 HSS Inserts
  • Fence with 90 to 135 Degree Tilt

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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