Crescent CTK170MPN Mechanics Tool Set Review

In general, all mechanic tool sets are the same. A well-made mechanic tool set is an important part of working on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and virtually every other type of vehicle. There are several points of a mechanic tool set that you should pay attention to prior to picking one up, namely: how many wrenches are in the set, how many tools do you need, what supplementary tools come with the kit, how much do you plan on spending, and whether it comes with a ratchet.

Crescent CTK170MPN Mechanics Tool Set

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The Crescent CTK170MPN is a general purpose tool set that comes with 170 pieces to work with. It’s a comprehensive tool set that has received overwhelmingly favorable reviews from its customers. Though how can you determine how well this kit will serve youWe’re here to help. Check out our review of the Crescent CTK170MPN and see whether it’ll fit your every need for garage work.

Crescent CTK170MPN Mechanics Tool Set

170 Pieces

You shouldn’t be enticed by a large number of tools and accessories that come with mechanic tool sets, but in this case, more is definitely better. In some ways, this 170-piece tool kit comes with a more comprehensive list of tools compared to comparable kits by other famous brands. Included in the kit are 3/8-inch, ½-inch, and ¼-inch drive tools, along with wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, magnetic bits, and SAE/metric hex keys.

Built to Last

The tools included in the CTK170MPN tool set are constructed using chrome vanadium steel alloy, or the company’s proprietary Crestoloy alloy. The tools are formulated and heat-treated to produce long-lasting, durable, and corrosion-proof toolsets to withstand the test of time and wear. In addition, they are ANSI- and ASME-certified which guarantee high-quality engineered goods. The tools are also polished with chrome, making it a breeze to wipe clean before storing in the set’s handy carry case.

Crescent CTK170MPN Mechanics Tool Set

Quick Work

The ratchets that come with the tool set feature a quick-release button to swap between sockets quickly without fuss. The 60-tooth gearing helps in turning fasteners much quicker than ever before. the 6°-swing ensures quicker tightening and loosening applications in tight spaces.

Hex Keys and Bits

The SAE/metric hex keys are placed in a slide-to-open holder with a tilt-out feature which lets users access any key without going through the trouble of moving others key beforehand. The kit comes with 42 assorted bits, each fully magnetized to ensure easy placement in the ratchet. The bits range from Philips, hex, slotted-square, and Torx.

Crescent CTK170MPN Mechanics Tool Set

Crescent CTK170MPN: Bottom Line

This Crescent CTK170MPN toolset is, in our opinion, one of the best sets you’ll ever come across. With 170 pieces, it’s not the most comprehensive toolsets out there, but it should serve you well for a wide range of common tasks. The only issue that users have come across is the somewhat flimsy carry case which has plastic clips that seem far too weak to clamp the case shut. Tools-wise, you won’t have any problem, especially since the entire kit is protected by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Essentially, with this kit, you’re getting a huge selection of great tools for every common situation.

Crescent CTK170MPN Mechanics Tool Set

Crescent 170 Pc. General Purpose Tool Set -...
  • Contains a carefully selected assortment of hand tools needed for most industrial, mechanical, and consumer...
  • Updated version of the best-selling CTK170CMP2, this set has a new & sturdier blow mold case with steel hinges...
  • Upgraded kit includes longer wrenches with narrower heads, Crescent brand wrench and Pliers, Torx bit sockets,...

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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