DEWALT DCS387B vs DCS367B vs DC385B vs DCS380B


Reciprocating saws are one of the most versatile tools you could own. It can be used for construction, renovation, demolition, and even landscaping. With a wide assortment of attachments available, you can turn this cutting tool into a sander or scraper. In this article, we’re going to compare four reciprocating saws produced by one of [...]

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BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B Reciprocating Saw Review


A reciprocating saw has million-and-one use in a wide range of applications. From construction to demolition, a recip saw can be the go-to tool for making rough cuts, flush cuts, and even plunge cuts into all sorts of materials. One reciprocating saw model that has constantly received praise from customers and industry experts is the [...]

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DEWALT vs. BLACK+DECKER Reciprocating Saws


There are two saws we’re going to be looking at today; The DEWALT DC385B, and the BLACK+DECKER BDCR20B. These are both reciprocating saws. Both of these saws have their own distinct advantages and merits. We’ll be looking at what these are, exactly. However, before we can really get into that, let’s define what a reciprocating [...]

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BLACK+DECKER vs Milwaukee Reciprocating Saws


A reciprocating saw, also referred to as a recip saw for short, can be a handy tool for a wide range of different projects. Plumbers, electricians, woodworkers, and even demolition men can find a recip saw to be a valuable tool in their arsenal. It doesn’t provide the precision that you’d get from table saws [...]

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Best Reciprocating Saw under $100: Buying Guide


Reciprocating saws, a.k.a. recip saws or sawzalls aren’t the most accurate type of power saw in the world, which is what makes it perfect for demolition, renovation, landscaping, and prepping lumber. What it lacks in precision and finesse, it makes up for in portability, maneuverability, and power. Reciprocating Saw under $100 Buying Guide Getting your [...]

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Reciprocating Saw vs Circular Saw


The number of power saws available today is truly baffling. How in the world are you supposed to determine what type of saw you need when you’re literally bombarded with dozens of different optionsOne of the more commonly asked questions is regarding two types of very different saws – reciprocating saws and circular saws. [...]

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Reciprocating Saw vs Sawzall: What’s the Difference?


If you have a large construction project on your to-do list or just need a multi-purpose tool to use around the home, then consider purchasing a reciprocating saw. This saw is an extremely versatile tool that can handle a number of different tasks, so you don’t need to waste time switching between tools. However, if [...]

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Best Reciprocating Saw Reviews


Table saws, circular saws, and miter saws are all great tools to have in the workshop. The only problem is that they require a ton of set up; not just for the tool but also for the workpieces. Of course, you need to go through a ton of steps in order to produce clean, accurate [...]

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