DEWALT DW716XPS Compound Miter Saw Review


Miter saws are one of the most convenient types of saws available. They make producing repeatable cuts a cinch by eliminating the need to readjust the saw head, angle, and fence after every cut. A compound miter saw takes it to the next level by allowing users to make repeated compound cuts (mitered and beveled [...]

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Bosch Dual Bevel Axial-Glide Compact Miter Saw Review


Miters saws are one of the most time-saving tools you could own. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for performing intricate straight cuts through wide pieces of lumber. Compound and sliding compound miter saws take it several steps further and give you the ability to cut on two planes through wider boards. The Bosch [...]

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Best Compound Miter Saw Reviews


A woodworking shop is never complete if it doesn’t contain a miter saw. A miter saw is a saw with a circular blade attached to a head which plunges downward with a pull of the lever. The size a miter saw’s blade allows it to make a clean cut through thick boards in a single [...]

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Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw Uses


If you thought a regular miter saw was great, wait until you get your hands on a sliding compound miter saw. No other tool can beat the simplicity that a sliding compound miter saw provides in crosscutting wide boards. With one of these in your workshop, complicated carpentry projects can be done in a jiffy. [...]

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Best Compound Miter Saw Uses


The miter saw is a type of saw that uses a plunging head to crosscut through the wood. With the right type of blade, you can even use a miter saw to chop metal pipes and bars, but there is a separate species of the miter saw designed exclusively for metalwork. Over time, the miter [...]

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Bosch GCM12SD vs DEWALT DWS779


Today, we’re going to be looking at two distinct compound miter saws. The Bosch GCM12SD, and the DEWALT DWS779. Now, these two compound miter saws are from two well-known manufacturers. They are both quite good as well. Both of them have their own distinct qualities that we are going to discuss in this article. Bosch [...]

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DEWALT DW715 vs DWS779 Compound Miter Saws


One tool that serious hobbyist and professional carpenters need for building furniture and home repairs is a miter saw. Compound miter saws offer more flexibility in cutting at a wide range of different angles. This tool is made to cut crown moldings, picture frames, and door frames, as well as window casings. What truly puts [...]

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Hitachi C10FCG vs C10FCH2 Compound Miter Saws


One handy, dandy tool that every serious hobbyist and professional carpenter need for their line of work is a miter saw. The most versatile type of miter saw is the bevel compound miter saw which not only miters to the left and right, but the head can swivel in one or both directions. This means [...]

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Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 vs RAGE3 vs RAGE4


Chop saws are all the rage when you need to cut straight through metal pipes, angle beams, and nails. They work similarly to a miter saw, but most models lack the ability to bevel the saw head to make angled cuts through wood and metal. This is easily overcome by flipping the piece of metal [...]

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DEWALT DW872 vs Evolution Power Tools RAGE3


There are several types of power saws that you should have in your workshop. Woodworkers would appreciate the classic miter saw – sliding-compound or otherwise – to get the job done. However, if your line of work calls for cutting both wood and metal bars to size, then you’ll need a more multipurpose saw. A [...]

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