Best Rotary Tool for Wood/Stone/Metal Carving


Rotary tools are extremely versatile hand-held power tools that let you perform a number of different tasks. They’re mostly used for making intricate cuts in all sorts of materials, so if you’d like to give your art that “wow” factor, then you should definitely consider getting a rotary tool. However, even though rotary tools can [...]

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Dremel 7300-N/8 vs. WEN 2305 Rotary Tool Kit


A rotary tool is a versatile, handheld power tool that can be of use in both small and major renovation projects. Having one of these around gives you the ability to sand, polish, engrave, and grind by swapping out different attachments. The small tip and compact size of a rotary tool make it a must-have [...]

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What Can you do With an Angle Grinder?


An angle grinder is a highly powerful and versatile handheld power tool. It typically comes with a diamond-tipped blade which gives it the capability to slice through rough materials with very little work. However, that’s not all it does; from cutting hard materials to polishing surfaces, an angle grinder is a tool that pros and [...]

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Cordless vs Corded Dremels


A rotary tool has a number of different uses such as sanding, buffing, and cutting. Professional electricians, plumbers, home renovators, and even DIY-ers can find a rotary tool to serve some purpose one way or another. One company that makes some of the most well-known rotary tools is Dremel; In fact, the company is so [...]

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Die Grinder vs Angle Grinder: Best Pick Comparison


Rotary tools are some of the most versatile tools. They can be used for heavy-duty jobs like cutting through thick steel beams or for precision work around car engines. Ultimately, it comes down to what type of rotary tool you’re using. Angle Grinder The two most common types of rotary tools are die grinders and [...]

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Cut-Off Tool vs Angle Grinder: A Comparison Guide


When it comes to cutting tools, there are several saws and handheld rotary tools to choose from. Sometimes it can be confusing when distinguishing one from the other. For instance, what can a cut-off tool do that an angle grinder can’t and vice versaBoth cut-off tools and angle grinders are handheld power tools that can [...]

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Best Angle Die Grinders in 2020


Die grinders are extremely powerful tools that can be used in a wide range of applications. Their main purpose is to grind away pieces of metal, but the right die grinder can be used on wood and plastic as well. You can install different attachments for grinding, smoothing, buffing, and finishing all sorts of projects [...]

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WEN vs DEWALT Bench Grinder


Bench grinders are similar to angle grinders, but most likely the common man won’t find a need to use or purchase a bench grinder throughout their metalworking or woodworking career. However, they are extremely useful tools for sharpening tool bits, drill bits, gouges, and chisels. Essentially, bench grinders can be used to extend the life [...]

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DEWALT DWE402 vs DCG413B Angle Grinder


Woodworkers and metalworkers of all levels of expertise turn to angle grinders for grinding, cutting, and polishing applications. This versatile tool can be used in professional settings and for home projects alike. Before purchasing an angle grinder, there are several specs to take into account, namely the disc size, the power of the motor, speed, [...]

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Hitachi vs. DEWALT Angle Grinder


Handymen turn to one tool for their grinding, cutting, and polishing needs – the angle grinder. This handheld power tool (also referred to as a side grinder or a disc grinder) can be used on a number of different surfaces. Users often find purposes for angle grinders in their garages, construction job sites, and metalworking [...]

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