How to Make Portable Generator Quieter?


Generators are excellent pieces of machinery. When all hell breaks loose, and our homes are without power, you can simply plug your home transfer switch and voila, you’ll have electricity to power your most vital appliance. Generators don’t only have a purpose during blackouts, but if you’re going camping, you can get a portable generator [...]

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Best Portable Generator with Transfer Switch


A generator is one of the most worthwhile investments you could ever make. It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in – out camping, at home during a power outage, or tailgating – you’ll need a reliable backup source of power. There are two types of generators to choose from, namely standby and portable generators. Standby [...]

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Portable Generator: Quietest on the Market Today


Generators are quite handy during emergency situations. When your utility company fails to provide electricity, all you need to do is hook up your generator to your home’s circuitry and – voila! – running power! Portable generators, on the other hand, can be useful for both emergencies and fun-filled times. Planning a family outingTake a [...]

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Best Champion Generator Reviews


In this post, we’d like to talk a little bit about Champion Equipment. This company is the leading brand in power-supply equipment. Their line of generators include standby models for your home, portable models for tailgating and camping, and inverter models that supply clean energy to your most delicate appliance and gadgets. What/Who is Champion [...]

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WEN DF475 vs DuroMax XP4400EH


Today, we live in a world where electricity is everything. The thought of living an entire day without electricity is enough to push even the most patient of us into a never-ending spiral of hopeless and despair. In order to avoid unexpected power outages, it’s a good idea to have a portable generator on hand. [...]

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Westinghouse iGen1200 vs iGen2200 vs iGen4500


A portable generator is a source of electricity that you can take wherever you go. Next time you go camping in the woods, hit the road in an RV, or your city gets its power knocked out by unseen forces, you can whip out a portable generator to keep your electronics up and running. There [...]

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What Size Portable Generator Do I Need?


The main benefit of having a portable generator is the accessibility of electricity wherever you are on the planet. With a portable generator in your truck or RV, you can ensure that wherever you go, your gadgets will always have power, and your appliances will always be running. They’re also great for having around during [...]

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Yamaha EF1000iS vs EF2000iSv2 Portable Inverters


Every family that travels outdoors should have their own portable generator. They’re great machines for providing electricity to places without power outlets, such as in the forest during camping trips. They can also be used during emergency situations like blackouts at home, though portable generators won’t provide your entire home with power to keep your [...]

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Best Portable Generators for RVS in 2020


Live a nomad lifestyle without sacrificing the conveniences and comfort of modern appliances by investing in a portable generator for your RV. Make your next road trip or camping trip the best one yet and see which of our recommended generators will best suit your needs. Champion 75537i Do I need a portable generator? If [...]

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Briggs & Stratton 30651 vs WEN 56200i


People who love the outdoors should own their own portable generator to take with them on outings. Portable generators provide energy to wherever you go, giving you the ability to keep your electronics plugged in and charged. They’re not just great for planned family time out in the wilderness, but when a nasty storm knocks [...]

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