Top 3 Best Workshop Cranes in 2020


Engine cranes, workshop cranes, or engine hoists, as you can imagine, are used to carefully lift and remove your car’s engine. Whether you’re an avid vehicle hobbyist or plan on opening your own auto shop, you absolutely have to have one of these hoists in your workshop. There’s absolutely no way you’re going to rebuilt [...]

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Best Portable Air Compressor Pumps in 2020


When it comes to road safety, you can never be too careful. For instance, what will you do when your car has a flat in the middle of the night, and the nearest gas station is 50 miles awayWhy risk walking the 50 miles and exposing yourself to coyotes and other nighttime hunters when you [...]

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Best Oil Pressure Meters in 2020


Believe it or not, that oil pressure indicator that’s lit up on your car’s actually means something. When the oil pressure light turns on, it means the longevity of the engine is at risk. The longer you operate your car with improper oil pressure, the more severe damage to your car’s engine can become over [...]

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Top 5 Best Pallet Trucks in 2020: Buying Guide


All it takes is lifting one stack of 2-ton pallets and – BAM! – Your spine is thrown out of whack. You probably should have lifted with your legs, or, you know, not attempted to lift something so heavy with your bare hands. If your business is involved in moving pallets or other such objects [...]

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Best Wood Planers in 2020


Wood planers, also known as thickness planers, are handy tools for shaving down materials to the proper size needed for construction furniture. With a wood planer in your shop, you can ensure that both sides of your material are completely parallel to each other. Both professional craftsmen and simple DIY-hobbyists can find value in having [...]

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Best Honda Portable Generators in 2020


A portable generator can be the perfect power solution when you don’t have the means to purchase a standby generator or if you need a source of electricity when you’re far away from an electrical outlet. This machine can supply power to all of your devices and home appliances in the event of a blackout. [...]

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Best Small Arbor Presses in 2020


Have you ever put on a pair of skates or cruised down the street on a skateboardIf so, or if you at least know of these modes of transport, then you might have noticed that they feature a wheel and axis. Between the two is a bearing which lets the wheel roll/spin smoothly on its [...]

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Best Corded Polishers in 2020


If you want to keep your car’s exterior looking as perfect as the day you bought it, then you need to be willing to invest in a good polisher. A reliable polisher will give you the ability to buff the exterior of your car without causing damage to the paint job. Polishers also double as [...]

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Best Roll Groovers in 2020


There are probably many of us who have never heard of a combination roll groover. This is understandable since the tool is used specifically for certain applications that not many hobbyists or even DIY home renovators find the need to do themselves. However, if you feel like stepping up your game and creating your own [...]

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Best 2 HP Portable Air Compressors in 2020


Professional craftsmen and DIY-ers can both find value in air compressors. A good compressor delivers all the power you need for pneumatic tools like brad nail guns, paint sprayers, staple guns, just to name a few. The right air compressor depends on the sort of tasks you work on regularly, but going for a portable [...]

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