Who Invented the Monkey Wrench?


Lots of claims have been made about the origins of the monkey wrench. Unfortunately, many of these claims are false and do nothing other than tarnish this great, game-changing invention. In this article, we’ll talk about how this tool came to be and the sort of controversial things that were said about the monkey wrench. [...]

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What is a Circular Saw Flush Cut?


Circular saws are one of the most versatile handheld power tools you could have. With one of these saws in your arsenal, you can crosscut and rip through long boards without having the make too many adjustments. A circular saw should be one of the very first tools that a craftsman should have. However, just [...]

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Best Circular Saw Usage: Info Guide


There are people who will tell you that a table saw should be one of the first tools to purchase if you’re an aspiring carpenter or woodworker. This is true since a table saw’s cutting capacities allow for a wide range of different jobs. One of their main benefits is cutting large boards down to [...]

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Table Saw Blade Thickness: Info Guide


For serious woodworkers or people just starting to get in the furniture-building game, a table saw can be an invaluable tool to own. When you need to dimension large boards to the right proportions, a table saw offers a ton of stability and speed that you just can’t find in other types of saws. However, [...]

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Table Saw as Jointer: How to Use and When?


You’d think that high-end retailers would sell lumber that’s ready to use. After all, you’re spending an outrageous amount of cash on pampered pieces of wood. Unfortunately, the truth is that their stock of lumber usually reaches the shelves before they’ve fully dried so by the time you’ve paid, brought it home, and left it [...]

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Best Track Saw Uses: Info Guide


If you’re a carpenter, you most likely have heard of a track saw. At first glance, a track saw looks extremely similar to a regular circular saw, so you might be thinking to yourself, “What the dilly-o?” Well, we’ll tell you what the dilly-o is and how a track saw can replace the functions of [...]

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Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw Uses


If you thought a regular miter saw was great, wait until you get your hands on a sliding compound miter saw. No other tool can beat the simplicity that a sliding compound miter saw provides in crosscutting wide boards. With one of these in your workshop, complicated carpentry projects can be done in a jiffy. [...]

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Best Compound Miter Saw Uses


The miter saw is a type of saw that uses a plunging head to crosscut through the wood. With the right type of blade, you can even use a miter saw to chop metal pipes and bars, but there is a separate species of the miter saw designed exclusively for metalwork. Over time, the miter [...]

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Impact Wrench vs Impact Driver


With a wide selection of power tools with increasingly greater power and dropping price tags, it’s not uncommon for people to become their own home repairmen or mechanics. With a set of simple, easy to use tools, even you can save money by doing things on your own. However, this means getting the right tools [...]

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Impact Driver versus Hammer Drill


If you’re just beginning to build up your own collection of power tools, you’ll undoubtedly run into several challenges; the most confusing of which is which power tools you actually need. The arguably most crucial power tool is the cordless drill/driver since there’s really no way to replace how well this tool drills holes in [...]

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