WEN DF475 vs DuroMax XP4400EH


Today, we live in a world where electricity is everything. The thought of living an entire day without electricity is enough to push even the most patient of us into a never-ending spiral of hopeless and despair. In order to avoid unexpected power outages, it’s a good idea to have a portable generator on hand. [...]

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Greenworks GPW1702 vs GPW1951 Pressure Washer


The classical way of cleaning our yards and vehicles is with a rag, soap, and garden hose. What you undoubtedly know about garden hoses is that they are extremely inefficient in using water. You can waste hundreds of gallons of water per minute without making a dent in the total mess of your driveways and [...]

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Karcher K2 vs K3 Pressure Washer


Without an electric power washer, the best you can hope when cleaning your driveways, paved walkways, and vehicles is spending hours and hours under the hot, punishing sun. Admittedly, a garden hose can speed up the cleaning process, but it’s not exactly an efficient way of doing so. First of all, there’s hardly any pressure [...]

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AR Blue Clean AR383 vs AR390SS


One of the ways we keep the exterior of our homes and our cars clean is by running a garden hose. You may be aware that running a garden hose for even a few minutes can be expensive. AR Blue Clean AR383 We’re talking about more than a hundred gallons spent every 5 minutes, and [...]

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Sun Joe SPX1000 vs Greenworks GPW1501


Want to get rid of layers of slippery mildew from your deckWhat about the caked-on carbonized bits stuck to your grill’s gratesInstead of spending hours and hours manually scraping, scrubbing, and hosing down these surfaces, why not employ the assistance of an electric pressure washerThis is the must-have tool for eliminating all sort of nasty [...]

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PowerFit vs. Karcher Surface Cleaner


Pressure washers are the best machines you can use for cleaning driveways and patios. However, with the standard gun and wand, you’re not going to be able to efficiently clean any outdoor surfaces. You can widen the spray fan, but you’re simultaneously sacrificing pressure and cleaning power in doing so. Instead, if you’re planning on [...]

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AR Blue Clean vs Sun Joe Comparison


Looking to do some outdoor cleaningTired of taking out the pail and scrub for laborious cleaning sessions on your patio and paved walkwaysThe best tool you can get to maximize cleaning power while cutting down time spent under the scorching sun is an electric pressure washer. With one of these bad boys in your garage, [...]

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Sun Joe SPX3000 vs Karcher K2000


The harsh elements of nature can really go Mike Tyson on the exterior of your home. In doing so, the paint of your home is prone to chipping, the pathways filled with dirt and grime, and your yards cluttered with fallen leaves and debris. A good pressure washer is key to keeping your home’s exterior, [...]

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DEWALT DW735X vs WEN 6550 vs Makita 2012NB


Woodworkers of any level will swear that thickness planers are a crucial tool for producing the best-quality pieces of furniture. Thickness planers can be used for both dimensioning boards and final smoothing before connecting boards together. Consider a thickness planer as an investment where profits are made from the amount of lumber you can save [...]

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Simpson MSH3125-S vs PS3228-S vs MS60763-S


We’ve talked extensively about electric pressure washers and how they benefit home and car owners in keeping their assets squeaky clean. One of the main benefits of using a gas-powered pressure washer is that you can basically clean any surface on earth without being tied down by annoying power cords and extension cords. Of course, [...]

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