Best Lathe Buying Guide and Top 5


Woodturning is one of the most popular forms of woodworking. There are plenty of things you can create by woodturning such as bowls, bird feeders, pens, cradles, and even replacement handles for some of your aging tools. All you need to begin several fun projects are curved gouges, sharp chisels, and parting tools. But for [...]

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Best Drill Press for Metal: Buying Guide


A drill press is one of the most dependable tools a woodworker or metalworker can own. It’s an extremely easy tool to use, but it also simplifies otherwise difficult cuts to make, compared to using other tools. If you don’t already have a drill press in your workshop, then you’re missing out on a lot. [...]

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Best Air Filtration Systems in 2020


Whether it’s summertime or wintertime, we spend a lot of our time in the comfort of our homes. Our homes are built to be insulated which helps in keeping the terrors of natural weather conditions outside where it belongs. The problem is that in doing so, we’ve unknowingly trapped ourselves inside with pollens and other [...]

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Best Benchtop Bandsaw: Buying Guide


If you’re a serious woodworker or are considering becoming a woodworking hobbyist, then it only makes sense to invest in several power tools. And for those of you just getting started in the furniture-making game, a bandsaw should be one of the most prioritized tools on your list. From building furniture to making picture frames [...]

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Best Oscillating Spindle Sanders in 2020


Sanding round workpieces by hand can be as impossible to do as it is time-consuming and tiring. Whether you’re a professional contractor/furniture-maker or just a DIY hobbyist, having the right set of tools that simplify your jobs would be great. If you find yourself sanding round or oddly shaped objects, one tool that you should [...]

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Best Wood Tool Sharpeners


Keeping your wood tools in tip-top shape is important in order to produce high-quality pieces of art. This means ensuring that your edge tools and saws are as sharp as possible. Sharper tools mean better control, the ability to make intricate designs, and a reduced risk of slipping and damage yourself or your wood stock. [...]

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Best Commercial Air Movers


Painters, carpet cleaners, and home renovators have one thing in common: they deal with wet surfaces and moistures regularly. The classic way of drying carpets and painted wall is by using your breath or a fan, or simply just waiting it out and coming back the next day. However, as you already know, this means [...]

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Best Roof De-icing Cables in 2020


Homeowners know all too well about blistered paint, roof and ceiling damage, and structural weakness in the attic. If you live in an area where snow is measured in feet and not inches, then the culprit behind these types of damage are most likely ice dams. During the wintertime, ice dams will begin to form [...]

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Best Cordless Impact Drivers in 2020


Back in the days of yore, impact drivers were used exclusively by professional mechanics and builders for contract jobs, but today we find them becoming a crucial part of a DIY-hobbyist’s collection of power tools. The thing that makes impact drivers so great is their ability to deliver rapid bursts of high torque for driving [...]

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Best Band Saw Kits in 2020


A portable band saw is an invaluable tool that all professional handymen should have. The main difference between a portable band saw and the traditional tabletop or floor model band saw is that this model can be taken from site to site without having to mount it to any stationary table or workbench. This tool [...]

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