Briggs & Stratton Murray Pressure Washer Review


Muck, grime, dirty driveways and patios, nasty oil spills in the garage, that's part of everyday life. However, there's an easy way to deal with dirty surfaces and the hard way. Since you landed here on the best gas pressure washer page, that means you already know about the easy way. 5 Recommended Pressure Washers [...]

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Is a Leaf Blower Worth The Investment?


You’ve seen them everywhere – on TV and your neighbor’s tool shed – but perhaps you haven’t made the leap of faith to purchase your very own leaf blower. Should homeowners around the globe invest in a leaf blower or are these just specialty, one-trick-pony tools you use every ten months? You might be surprised [...]

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Sun Joe SPX3000-MAX Pressure Washer Review


Keep your property clean and looking great all year round with the powerful yet compact Sun Joe SPX3000-MAX Electric Pressure Washer. Accomplish a variety of cleaning jobs with ease and effectivity using its five nozzle options and dual detachable detergent tanks. Get into every nook and cranny of your vehicle or house using its wide [...]

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12 Best Pressure Washers for Cars/Patio/Concrete


Have you ever thought of how much easier life would be if you had your high-pressure washer at homeIt would make washing your car and pushing fallen leaves of your yard less time-consuming. Thankfully, pressure washers have become increasingly more affordable, meaning that you can invest in your high-pressure washing system for outdoor cleaning. Why [...]

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Best Dust Extractors for Woodworking in 2020


Keeping a clean workspace in an environment where cement and wood dust can go airborne is extremely important. By staying in an environment cluttered with tiny pieces of debris, you’re putting your well-being at risk, and that’s not even including the number of dangerous power tools you’re in close proximity with all day. One of [...]

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Best Shop Vac for Dust Collection in 2020


If you’ve ever been around power tools, then already know the struggles of keeping a clean workstation. All the dust and debris produced at the job site can be frustrating to clean up without the proper equipment. And for your information, a regular upright or stick vacuum cleaner is not the “proper” tool to keep [...]

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Top 10 Best Pressure Washers for Car Cleaning


There’s no man on the planet who doesn’t love cars. Those that say their car isn’t that important to them are lying through their teeth. If he owns a car, regardless of what state it’s in, he’ll love it with all of his life. You could spend hundreds of hours under the hood of your [...]

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Karcher K1800 Pressure Washer Review


Homeowners across the globe are familiar with the troubles of maintaining a clean yard and deck. Without the right cleaning tools, you’ll have to spend hours under the scorching sun working a less-than-effective garden hose just to make a small dent in the overall mess. Instead of punishing yourself (or your kids) with an impossible [...]

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Karcher K5 Premium Electric Pressure Washer Review


There are millions of reasons why any homeowner should own a pressure washer. The most prominent of which is that it makes outdoor cleaning a breeze. For cleaning decks, walkways, and vehicles, an electric pressure washer is the most reliable tool to use since it uses hardly any water while still delivering an impressive amount [...]

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Vacmaster 8 Gallon HEPA Vac VK811PH Review


Dust management at the job site is one of the most annoying things that absolutely needs to be done. Nobody likes having to pick up after themselves or others, but a clean work environment is a safe work environment. Especially when it comes to construction jobs where cement dust does not only pose a health [...]

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