Bosch VAC090S 9-Gallon Dust Extractor Review

Managing dust and other debris is a tough job. The worst is when it goes airborne and blocks your vision or gets inside your lungs, which is infinitely worse. Though some power tools come with built-in dust management systems, they’re not always reliable, and sometimes the best solution would be to invest in an external tool to eliminate residue as it’s created.

Bosch VAC090S 9-Gallon Dust Extractor Review

The Bosch VAC090S is dust extractor that suctions dust away from the work surface as its produced. It’s a handy tool that comes with a large bucket to store debris and keep it from going airborne. We’ll be reviewing this product to see whether it lives up to the VAC series name.

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Storage Capacity

The VAC090S has a 9-gallon capacity for storing dust, chips, dried and wet cement, and any other piece of debris that gets in the way. In our opinion, this is a tremendous amount of storage space and will most likely not requiring emptying out for at least a couple hours of work. It’s not the largest bin in a portable dust extractor, but it’s sufficient for even the most active construction projects.


This dust extractor comes with the VF100 pleated-paper filter which retains up to 99.9% of the captured particles 0.2 microns or bigger. This tool is also compatible with the VF120H HEPA-rated filters for trapping 99.9% of 0.3-micron particles or larger (sold separately). From our experience, the standard filter does an awesome job at grabbing hold of any debris at the job site. We highly recommend swapping out the VF100 for the HEPA-rated VF120H if you end up getting this tool.

Bosch VAC090S 9-Gallon Dust Extractor

Semi-Auto Filter Cleaning System

With a push of a button, you can command the VAC090S to start and stop cleaning the filter. This system blows quick gusts of air at the filter and sends whatever debris is clogging it straight to the bin. This feature effectively extends the lifespan of the filters to reduce the frequency of having to purchase new filters.

Suction Power

This tool comes with a 9.5-amp motor that delivers up to 150 CFM and 97.3 inches of water lift. That translates into a whole lot of suction power. For use at a home workshop, this might be overkill unless you’re working with larger pieces of debris (chips, shavings, and pieces of drywall). At construction sites, eliminating dry and wet cement as well as chips of mortar is easy to do if you have the VAC090S on hand.

This dust extractor also has a variable speed dial which lets users choose how much suction power to deliver. This feature comes in handy when moving from construction to woodworking job sites that require different CFM levels for adequate dust management. Theoretically, the speed dial is a good idea, but we found that there’s hardly any difference between LOW and HIGH suction mode.

Bosch VAC090S

Noise Level

On its highest speed setting (or only speed setting, however you want to look at it), the VAC090S generates only about 70 decibels of noise, similar to the noises produced by a vacuum cleaner. We admit that this isn’t the quietest portable dust extractor on the market, but since you’ll be wearing earmuffs and running power tools while this tool is on, you will hardly notice it.

Anti-Static Bend Nozzle

Oftentimes, sawdust or cement dust gets trapped in the very mechanism whose purpose is to eliminate the stuff once and for all. Thankfully, the VAC090S doesn’t have this problem. The suction hose and port are made of anti-static material so nothing will ever clog or stick to the inner lining of the tube. However, like other Bosch dust extractor models, the plastic port is either too thin or not durable enough and is prone to cracking.


The VAC090S sits four ruby wheels with plastic hubs which allow users to push or pull the unit to wherever it’s needed. We found this dust extractor glides effortlessly across smooth surfaces without any problems. The weight of the tool is only around 38 pounds so lifting it to different floors or areas in your workspace should not cause fatigue or pulled muscles.

Bosch VAC090S Review


Vacuuming wet debris can be a problem, even though wet/dry dust extractors are engineered to pick it up. This issue is eliminated thanks to the auto-shutoff system which detects the height of whatever wet contents is stored in the 9-gallon bucket. At a certain level, the machine will identify that the bin is full of moist debris and will automatically turn off to prevent damage.

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The large storage capacity, portability, and awesome suction power are just a few noteworthy things that should draw any professional construction worker or woodworker to the Bosch VAC090S. This is a great tool to take to the job site to deal with minuscule particles before they go airborne.

There are some downsides to this tool such as the less-than-durable static-free nozzle and hose, but with care and proper storage, you can eliminate any durability issues once and for all.

Bosch VAC090S Dust Extractor Review

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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