Bosch JS365 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Kit Review

Whether you’re a serious professional construction worker or a DIY enthusiast, a jigsaw is a must-have item. This power tool is handy when you need to make precise, speedy cuts. Jigsaws can also be useful in making straight-line cuts, and they do what bandsaws are notorious for being incapable of doing: curve cuts, pocket cuts, circular cutouts, trimming, and much more. You can attach different blades for cutting a number of materials such as wood, ceramic, and even metal.

Bosch JS365 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Kit Review

Bosch is well-known for manufacturing some of the world’s best power tools. They’ve been in business for more than a century so you know they’re masters of making and distributing top-notch tools for the construction industry. The Bosch JS365 jigsaw is one of the company’s most popular items. It’s popular with customers and industry experts for being easy to handle, even by the most amateur builders. Let’s dive in and see what makes this jigsaw such a great choice.

Powerful and Fast

The Bosch JS365 features a 6.5-amp inductive motor, more than what most of you would need for home projects since a 5.0-amp motor works great on hardwood material. Due to its powerful motor, this power tool can cut through almost every type of material imaginable, ranging from wood planks to even thin sheets of metal without stalling midway through a cut.

The company recommends using this tool for cutting depths of 3 ½ inches into the wood, 7/8 inch into aluminum, and 3/8 inch in carbon steel. Anything thicker than the manufacturer’s recommendation will cause uneven cuts.

The variable speed control is somewhat different than what you’re probably accustomed to using. The maximum speed (strokes per minute) of the jigsaw is controlled by two settings. First, the variable speed dial sets the maximum speed, and secondly, the touch-sensitive trigger controls the actual sawing speed.

To illustrate, pulling the trigger slightly will start moving the blade at a slow rate, but pulling the trigger all the way increases the speed of the blade to its maximum speed depending on the dial’s setting.

Bosch JS365 Jigsaw


The Bosch JS365 uses T-shank blades instead of classic U-shank ones. T-shank blades are known for being less wobbly and offer more precise cuts. In addition, this jigsaw doesn’t require any external tools for changing blades, making blade-changing much quicker to do, and you can even change blades using a single hand.

There are four settings which are used to set the aggressiveness of the blade’s stroking motion. The settings range from slow, smooth cuts to quick and aggressive cuts, allowing the blade to be used on multiple materials.


Included in the Bosch JS365 kit, you get the handheld jigsaw, an anti-splinter attachment, a square blade, a wrench, and an overshoe made of plastic, all packed into a durable carry case for taking this tool with you wherever it’s needed. It comes with the basic accessories needed for safe and reliable work, but it’s recommended that you purchase several more T-shank blades for use on different materials.

Bosch JS365 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Kit

Bosch JS365: Bottom Line

Overall, the Bosch JS365 jigsaw is an excellent piece of equipment for cutting various shapes and designs that a bandsaw can’t handle. To guarantee accurate results, it’s imperative that you follow the company’s recommendations on material type and thickness since cutting anything else will lead to uneven, sloppy cuts.

However, working with thinner, less dense materials is simple to do since the blade can cut through them like butter.

The T-shank blade is a major plus in terms of accuracy since it’s less prone to jiggling and ultimately deviating from right-angle cuts. If you’re looking for a jigsaw to use on home projects, the Bosch JS365 could be the right tool for you. Professional construction workers might need something a little more reliable and powerful.

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