Bosch GOP12V-28N Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

The Bosch GOP12V-28N is an oscillating multi-tool that will carry every head and attachment you need. It was designed to be held in your hand so that it is easy to use, and you will find that it comes with its own carrying case so that you may bring it anywhere you want. You are free to use this device in a number of settings, and it may become your go-to tool when you are working in your home or on handyman jobs.

Bosch GOP12V-28N Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

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The Contoured Interface

The contoured interface on the device will help you ensure that you may attach tools with ease. You may lock them on in seconds, and it provides a 3D image that you may see easily even in low light. The grip on the interface is much better than with other tools, and you will see the difference when you experience the torque when working.

The Tool Oscillates

The tool has an oscillating arm that will go wherever you want it to go. It is much easier for you to have the took move into tight corners, and you may smooth over something that is shaped like a sphere. You need this reach and versatility when you are working, and you will find that the device bends to your will every time.

Bosch GOP12V-28N Oscillating Multi-Tool

Many Accessories

There are heaps of accessories available with this device, and you will find that you may change from one to another at any time. You may not have ever used a power sander before, but you may change to the sander attachment if you like. You may use the cutter to cut across anything, and you may use the grinder to crush something that should not be as heavy as it is. There are polishing tools that you may use in your workshop, and you will find that the extending arms will help you reach anywhere no matter how far it is.

Performance Of The Motor

The device weighs less than two pounds, but it has the highest performance you will find in the industry. The 12v motor is very strong, and it will help you cut anything that may have gotten in your way. You must ensure that you have checked the settings on the device so that you know it is powering you in the right way.


You have a range of up to three inches when you are bending the accessories to go where you are working. You may bend around a corner easily, and you will keep the device in your hand because it does not become hard to handle once you have started turning or bending the arm.

Bosch GOP12V-28N

Battery Powered

You may place batteries in this device at any time so that you are not beholden to a wall outlet. There are many people who get slowed down because they are using something that must be plugged into the wall, and they will find that they may do more work over a shorter period of time. You will save time when you keep fresh batteries in the device, and it will not be tethered to anything.
Wrench Fitting

You may use a wrench to tighten all the tools that you put on the top of this device, and you will have quite a lot of ability to adjust the looseness of the attachment. The wrench is included, and you may use it to ensure that you have the best fit when you get ready to use a new attachment. The wrench will likely come in handy when you are working on other jobs, and it will be in the case waiting for you.

Avoid Bigger Tools

This device allows you to avoid larger tools that you may not want to use. There are a number of people who will find that they need to buy larger tools because they have not tried a handheld multi-tool. Bosch gives you the best way to get your work done with something that sits in your hand.

Bosch GOP12V-28N

Bosch GOP12V-28N: Conclusion

The Bosch GOP12V-28N Oscillating Multi-Tool will do all that you need it to do when you are working around the house, and you must ensure that you have made choices that will help you save time and energy. You may switch to any attachment you like, and you may change the settings so that you have a powerful or very soft device in your hands.

These devices will help you get work done around the house that was once done by much larger tools.

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