Black & Decker BDCDD120C Single Speed Drill Review

Black & Decker makes some of the best cordless drill/drivers to choose from. The Black & Decker BDCDD120C 20V MAX Drill/Driver is a great choice for first-time buyers and even professional workers who need a reliable medium-duty drill/driver for less demanding tasks at home and at professional job sites. Let’s dive right and see what makes this power tool an excellent buy.

Black & Decker BDCDD120C 20V MAX Lithium Single Speed Drill/Driver Review


This tool is extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 2.5 pounds including the rechargeable 20V Li-Ion battery. Despite its light build, it feels comfortable in the hand, and there’s hardly any downward resistance when operating the BDCDD120C above eye-level.


Black & Decker caters to the need of DIY-project workers who need a single-speed drill/driver for simple tasks. This single-speed cordless drill/driver delivers up to 115 inch-pounds of torque and spins up to 650 RPM. It’s clear that it isn’t the most powerful of tools out there, even for DIY-specific power tools, but it gets the job done exceedingly well. The low torque and relatively low speed practically guarantee an overdriving-free and a stripping-free experience when driving soft-material screws into ornate fasteners.

Black & Decker BDCDD120C 20V MAX Lithium Single Speed Drill/Driver

One common complaint that customers give this product is its lack of speed and power, effectively making it incompatible for more demanding tasks. Though this is true, it’s not exactly a surprise since this model is designed to complete light jobs efficiently rather than heavy-duty jobs effectively. Buyers, take notice that the BDCDD120C isn’t built to be the main cordless drill/driver solution for professional work settings.

11 Clutch Positions

Even though this unit is a single-speed drill/driver, users can utilize the 11 clutch positions to determine how much power to deliver for each rotation. This gives this limited unit slightly greater versatility for working on light- to medium-duty tasks in the workshop and at home, as well as the ability to prevent the stripping and overdriving of screws.

Black & Decker BDCDD120C

3/8-inch Keyless Chuck

The relatively small chuck size should be a dead giveaway that this unit isn’t meant to be the most powerful drill/driver on the market. The 3/8-inch chuck holds onto bits as wide as 3/8 inches in diameter, considerably smaller than the ½-inch standard that heavy-duty drills come with.

Black & Decker BDCDD120C 20V MAX

Speaking of the chuck, it’s a keyless build which requires no wrenches or keys to remove and attach bits. Just spin the chuck, add a bit, tighten the chuck, and you’re ready to go. A common problem that power drills have in regards to their keyless chuck system is their tools’ inability to grasp onto drill and driver bits. Fortunately, because of the 1-speed setting (only up to 650 RPM), users don’t have this problem. However, the only issue is that this unit only comes with a single double-sided bit – Philips and flathead – so you’ll either need to purchase more bits or use any 3/8-inch bits you have in your toolbox.

Black & Decker BDCDD120C

Black & Decker BDCDD120C: Bottom Line

The Black & Decker BDCDD120C 20V MAX Lithium Single Speed Drill/Driver is definitely a worthy purchase for operators who need a low- to medium-duty power drill/driver for less challenging tasks. The limited torque and speed of this model ensure that users have greater control when driving screws or drilling holes into soft- or medium-density materials. Although the only bit you get upon purchase is a double-sided bit.

Black & Decker BDCDD120C Drill/Driver

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