Best Waste Oil Containers in 2021: Oil Drains for the Garage

Even though each country has different policies regarding how to properly dispose of refuse motor oil, they all have one thing in common: you shouldn’t do it yourself. Instead, after collecting all the waste oil in a container, you need to transport it to a designated area or store that accepts it and will treat it with proper care. The question, however, is how in the world to you transport gallons of motor oil from your shop to the correct place?

The answer is quite simple. You can do it using empty plastic containers, or if you’re dealing with gallons of oil rather than mere quarts, then a waste oil container is the perfect vessel for transport. In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few specially made containers built to safely move refuse oil from place to place without the risk of spillage. We’ll also talk about the importance of disposing waste oil and things you need to be aware of when shopping for the right container.

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4 Best Waste Oil Containers
The OEMTOOLS is one of the most beloved waste oil containers available due to its large size and anti-spill funnel. The large container can store up to 18 gallons of fluid before requiring draining through the evacuation valve. A retractable neck extends the height of the unit to up to 69 inches to help capture fluid when draining oil from a lifted car.

Maneuverability is not a problem thanks to the four casters – two fixed and two swivel – so moving the container in and out of your workshop doesn’t require any lifting at all. One of the best parts of the 87042 is the wide 17-inch funnel with an integrated filter that traps larger particles, debris, and tools from entering into the container. To drain the unit, simply connect an air compressor to the valve and watch as refuse oil drains through the transparent hose.

Justrite 09300
The Justrite 09300 is another great tool for storing small amounts of waste oil or oily rags. Unlike the OEMTOOLS, there is no air-driven drain valve – instead, by using the foot pedal, the lid pops open and the wide mouth swallows whatever oil-ridden waste you have on hand. The self-closing lid opens to a maximum of 60° and closes to create a perfect seal so fumes don’t have much time to escape. The 09300 is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel that does not corrode and is perfect for storing flammable liquids and objects for brief periods of time. Just remember to toss out the contents before closing down your shop.

Lincoln 3601
The Lincoln, in looks and in usefulness, is a lot like the OEMTOOLS. It comes with a large 18-gallon tank for storing copious amounts of refuse oil and other recyclable liquids for long periods of time. On top of the unit, you’ll find a wide 14-inch, 2-1/2-gallon funnel, and a retractable neck can increase the height of the tool to 72 inches for those of you working underneath lifted vehicles. Unlike the OEMTOOLS, the Lincoln’s funnel doesn’t come with a built-in filter, so anything that passes through the funnel will be lost in the void of dark refuse oil.

This also poses a problem when emptying out the container since any solid pieces can clog the valve and can reduce the rate at which oil drains. There have also been several complaints about receiving shoddy 3601s, but the company is always willing to send replace parts, units, or offer complete refunds.

Lisle 11102
The looks of the Lisle couldn’t be less impressive, but it’s the convenience of the tool that makes it worth the investment. Looking at the product, you’ll find a long retractable pipe jutting out of the oil inlet oil. The pipe has an operating range of between 36-1/2 to 74 inches to trap oil falling from high places and without dripping onto your shop’s floors.

The 11102 is a translucent jug that can hold onto as much as 8 gallons before needing to be emptied out. Dumping the contents of the jug is as simple as removing the pipe, opening the spout cover, and pouring the oil out by tipping it over a larger container. With ball-bearing casters, moving the 11102 around hardly takes any muscle at all, even with a full jug.

Waste Oil Containers Buying Guide
Who needs a waste oil container?
The real question is who doesn’t need a waste oil container in their homeAlthough waste oil containers are generally used to store old motor oil, any type of oil – cooking oil for instance – needs to disposed of properly. Placing old oil in a waste container is the first step to properly disposing or even recycling and renewing oil you would otherwise toss away.

Which type of oil container should I get?
From our list, we’ve identified at least three different types of waste oil containers. The first is a self-emptying oil container (the OEMTOOLS and the Lincoln) that has an air compressor valve to shoot the contents through a drain valve. These are great for those of you who need to dispose of several gallons of old oil daily.

The second type is essentially a trash bin for oily products, such as the Justrite. These are not designed to swallow oil outright but rather store oily bottles, rags, and other products for further processing later on. If you work in an auto shop, having this and the first type of oil container would be ideal.

The third is a common oil jug which requires manually pouring out when it has reached capacity. Its smaller container size makes it a great option for those who change their own motor oil rather than work as a professional mechanic.

Things to Consider when Shopping for a Waste Oil Container
How much oil you use regularly should be the determining factor of which type and how large of a waste oil container you need. It goes without saying, but if you run your own shop and deal with enough oil to drown a small city, then you could benefit more from a larger oil container since it reduces the frequency of dumping out oil into a larger container for disposal.

Not everybody needs a waste container on wheels. In fact, if you’re using one specifically for the kitchen, you’d most likely get by just fine with an immobile model that sits discretely in the corner of the room. However, if you need to drain oil from multiples cars resting at numerous spots in your garage, then a mobile waste container can make life a heck of a lot easier.

Extendable Neck
The same thing goes for an extendable neck. If, for instance, you have a reliable drip pan to catch all the oil from beneath your car, then by all means, use a waste container with the shortest neck possible. If, however, your line of work involves lifting cars several feet off of the ground for better access to the drain plug, then an extendable neck can match catching the oil easier and prevent slippery spots on your shop’s floor.

1. Is it safe to leave a couple of oily rags inside of a waste oil container overnight?
The instructions on each of these waste oil containers recommend not storing anything overnight, including oily rags. However, we and a couple of other customers have accidentally left moist rags inside of the Justrite over night and lo and behold, the container didn’t explode. Basically, yes, you can throw a rag inside of the Justrite and forget about it for a night or two – the important thing is to never, EVER discard flammable objects inside of an oil container. The tiniest spark can cause a localized explosion in your garage which is never good.

2. Can I store the waste oil container outdoors?
Once again, if you look at the instructions of the waste oil container, you’ll see that the manufacturer advise leaving the container somewhere cool and away from direct sunlight exposure. Their containers can withstand heat to a certain degree, but when left outdoors for longer than reasonable, don’t be surprised if anything happens to the unit. Another thing to consider is whether the waste oil container is weatherproof, something that these four models are not. The good news is that you can coat these containers in an anti-rust or -corrosion spray if they begin to show signs of rust.

3. Can I pour old antifreeze into one of these containers
This is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions regarding waste oil containers. To set the record straight, you can store any fluid in these containers. By any, we literally mean any – milk, water, spit, cooking oil, antifreeze. As long as it’s a liquid, the waste oil container can hold onto it. The thing to keep in mind is that mixing liquids is not going to do you or a recycling plant any favors. If you mix different fluids of different consistencies in a pot, you’re going to end up with a separated mess that Costco Gas Station or another recipient of your waste fluids won’t accept. In the end, you’ll be left with a soupy mess that you need to discard manually and according to government regulation.

Waste oil containers are an essential tool to have at home or in your auto shop. Disposing of old oil is a job that not many shops are equipped to handle, so the next best thing is keeping refuse oil in a container and handing it over to professionals to recycle and reuse. In this article, we’ve included four super-handy containers that would make for the perfect solution to store old oil. Take a look at our guide to see which of the four to get.

Waste Oil Container | Bestseller

Bestseller No. 1
Lumax LX-1632 Black 15 Quart Drainmaster Drain Pan...
15 Qt. (14. 25 L); Ideal for Oil Recycling; Drain Direct - No Oily Tub, Funnel, or Mess; Heavy-Duty Construction with E-Z Handle Design and E-Z Roll Wheels

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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4 OEMTOOLS 87042 18 Gallon Metal Oil Drain-Green

3 Justrite 09300 Red Galvanized Steel Oily Waste Safety Can – 10 Gallon Capacity

2 Lincoln 3601 Oil Drain

1 Lisle 11102 Oil Lift Drain – 8 Gallons


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