Best Urinals in 2022: Buying Guide

Urinals provide men with a comfortable way to use the bathroom ̶ standing up.

The urinals listed below are long-lasting and will add sophistication wherever they are installed.

Urinal buying guide
Urinals are now more popular than ever before, with homeowners choosing to install them in their own bathrooms. Due to the rise in demand, manufacturers have started to produce urinals that are specifically made for personal home use.  

Why should you have a urinal in your house?
Unlike traditional toilets, urinals take up very little space. They also use much less water and some models do not use water at all meaning that your water bill will be substantially reduced. Urinals are also very easy to clean and maintain, they are efficient, and they make for quick trips to the bathroom.

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Two types of urinals
In today’s market, there are two main types of urinals:

1. Flush urinals
The most common urinal type is the flush urinal. Just as you would with a regular toilet, you flush the urine away once you have finished using the urinal. Water is used to drain the urine from the bowl as it passes to the sewer line.

Flush urinals come in different styles with various designs and features. Unlike their waterless counterparts, flush urinals do not need to be cleaned very often. However, this does not mean that they do not need to be sanitized regularly. As they are cheaper than waterless urinals, they are suitable for commercial properties looking to install a number of urinals. 

2. Waterless urinals
This type of urinal uses the force of gravity to push down any liquid waste into the sewer line. Waterless urinals are becoming popular, particularly in busy places where urinals are used often, as the amount of water used is significantly less than flush urinals. As they use less water, they are more eco-friendly and contribute to a greener environment. The one drawback is that waterless urinals require more regular cleaning. 

Factors to consider when buying urinals
In order to streamline your options when purchasing a urinal there are a few factors you should keep in mind. 

1. Size
Urinals come in all shapes and sizes. While some are quite compact, others take up a lot of space. Therefore it is important to measure the available space prior to looking for a urinal. To buy a urinal and find out that it doesn’t fit would be a real disappointment.

For those who are buying urinals for commercial spaces, smaller urinals should be purchased as you can fit several in a small space. Having more urinals available to use will help avoid the build-up of queues. Just remember to leave adequate space between them!

If you are buying a urinal for a home bathroom, take note of how much space you have first. Larger urinals take up much more space than smaller models and may restrict movement in the bathroom. On the plus side, large urinals do provide more privacy and will catch liquid waste even if the user’s aim is not accurate.

2. Flush options
If you decide on a flush urinal, there are some features to be aware of. Most flush urinals require manual flushing. These models have a flush lever that you pull to drain the waste. Other models have an automatic flushing system that uses a sensor to detect when the user has finished. The latter type of flush urinal is a good option if you’re concerned about sanitation.  

3. Design
A urinal’s design affects its functionality as well as appearance. Some designs are centered around capturing urine and are created to reduce any splashing. Others are designed to accommodate several users at once, such as trough urinals. Although they are more time- and space-efficient, they do not offer much privacy. It is very important to consider how the design of the urinal you choose will affect the user experience and also the cleaning process.

4. Ease of cleaning
Your urinal will need to be cleaned regularly. As discussed earlier, the flush type will affect how often it needs to be cleaned. Flush urinals are very easy to clean as the water does most of the work for you. So if you do end up buying a waterless urinal, you must be prepared for frequent cleaning. The shape of your urinal can also impact how easy it is to clean. Those that have hard-to-reach spots make cleaning a very laborious task.

5. Cost
The cost of a urinal can vary greatly. Waterless urinals are more expensive than flush types, but flush urinals with an automatic flush and much more costly than manual flush models. The design and brand of a urinal can also affect its price. A urinal that is easy to use and clean will probably cost you much more than a standard model.

Other things to consider

As urinals only need to deal with liquid waste, they do not need the extra flushing power standard toilets require to get rid of solid waste. This means that water usage is reduced and efficiency is improved. 

Type of urinal:
Within the main two types of urinals (flush and waterless), there are several different varieties and this can make decision-making even more difficult. Stall, sensor, flat back, portable, trough, and floor mounted are just some of the urinals on the market. Make sure to choose one that meets your bathroom needs.

The trusted brands in the industry – TOTO, American Standard, KOHLER –  will always have urinals for you to purchase, but don’t overlook other manufacturers such as Gerber, Zurn, Sloan, and Keramag who also produce urinals. Whichever brand you decide to go with, in order to get the best results we recommend choosing a company that has received lots of positive feedback.

Those of you who have ever done any DIY or home plumbing will know how easily your money can vanish when you do not budget properly. As a rough estimate to help you start planning, we believe $200 should be enough to get you a good unit from a reliable brand. If you spend less than $100 then expect less durability and functionality.    

In addition to all the factors discussed so far, make sure you consider compatibility and materials. 

The right urinal can reduce your water consumption and eliminate bathroom queues, so take the time needed to look at your options before jumping to any decisions. Choose the right urinal that meets all your needs. And don’t forget about urinal maintenance. If not, you will have some unpleasant odors to deal with!

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