Best Staple Guns for Wood in 2021: Buying Guide

One of the easiest and most efficient ways of assembling furniture and other wood items together is by using staples. Obviously, we’re not talking about those weak little staples you use to clip documents together, but rather the heavy-duty stuff that pros use to attach boards and cushioning to upholstery. Of course, you can acquire the ease of using staples if you have the right staple gun on hand.

There are plenty of types of staple guns available, making finding and buying the right gun more challenging than one may have previously thought. Luckily, we’ve spent time looking at various models to find those that work best – all you need to do is sit back and decide on which of our picks would work best for you.

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Best Staple Guns

Stanley TR110 Staple Gun

The first staple gun we’ve chosen is one that comes for a very popular manufacturer – the TR110 from Stanley. This manual staple gun is definitely not something you want to skimp over since it can be the exact tool you need for upholstery and other woodworking applications.

The chrome-plated construction of this tool will ensure several years of usage without a slight problem. It even comes with a quick-clear mechanism that helps save time in pulling out jammed staples. Loading the staples from the bottom makes for super-fast loading and reloading for enhanced efficiency by firing more staples per minute without fumbling around with loose parts.

WORKPRO 4-in-1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun

Perhaps the most versatile manual staple gun on our list is the WORKPRO 4-in-1. Upon purchase, you get a complete set of four different staple types – 5/16-inch T50s, 5/16-inch JT21, ½-inch T25, and 5/8-inch (18-gauge) brad nails. The latter, though not technically a staple, is proof of just how versatile this tool is since brads are used either to temporarily fasten boards while the glue dries or permanently fasten crown molding for a decorative finish.

The ergonomic handle is the saving grace in this product; firing staple after staple can cause cramping, but the handle is designed in a way to fit the form of your hand to reduce fatigue and keep you going for longer.

AECCN 3-in-1 Staple Gun with Remover

Like the WORPRO, the AECCN 3-in-1 is a highly versatile staple gun. The major difference between the two is that the AECCN does not fire brad nails. However, that doesn’t mean this staple gun isn’t worth the investment cost. With the ability to fire three different types of staples (U-, D-, and T-type staples), there’s hardly a thing that this 3-in-1 baby can’t do.

The most noteworthy feature is its strength adjustment knob that rests on the opposite end of the nozzle. By twisting the nozzle, you can determine just how deep (or shallow) to fire each staple based on what you need. This feature in and of itself puts the tool in the same adjustability class as electric and pneumatic models.

LMLMD 3,000 Staple Pack

Although this is not a staple gun, you can’t go wrong by preparing yourself with a ton of extra staples for your next project. The LMLMD 3,000 Staple Pack consists of three different staples: 8-mm door hasp staples, 10-mm T-nails, and 12-mm U-Brads. These staples are not compatible with every staple gun on our list, so be sure to always double-check before purchasing ammo.

Topec 3-in-1 Manual Staple Gun

And finally, we have the Topec-made 3-in-1 Manual Staple Gun. This unit is a lot like the AECCN as it is compatible with three different types of staples (D-, U-, and T-Types). It has a quick-jam clear system that’s easy to use – just pull down the lock switch, remove the stuck staples, and you’re good to go! It also features a strength adjustment dial on top of the unit, located near the handle, to drive staples in as deep as you need. The non-slip handle is extra-grippy and comfortable to keep prevent cramping and fatigue.

Staple Gun for Wood Buying Guide

Type: Manual, Electric, Pneumatic

In general, there are three types of staple guns based on what sort of fuel they run on: manual, electric, and pneumatic. Let’s go over the advantages and disadvantages of each type.


Manual staple guns are the easiest type to use. You don’t need any batteries, power cords, or hoses to run this tool, so it’s possible to use manual staple guns virtually anywhere in your home. Simply aim the nozzle to whatever wooden object you want to staple down and press the handle.


1. Less expensive and easy to use.
2. Good quality if you know what you’re doing.
3. Reloading the gun is easy.


1. For amateur staplers, there is a steep learning curve.
2. Not as much firing pressure as electric and pneumatic models (shallow staples).
3. Repeatedly squeezing the handle can be tiresome.


Electric staple guns can be further divided into two sub-categories: battery-powered and corded-electric. Both types work well, but cordless models tend to be on the weaker side, at least compared to corded-electric. Instead of squeezing the handle to fire staples, all you need to do is press the nozzle up against the object’s surface and the pressure will fire a staple automatically.


1. To fire staples, simply push the nozzle against the surface of your workpiece.
2. Less time-consuming and easier on your palms and hands.
3. More firing pressure than manual models.


1. May accidentally fire staples too deep into the workpiece.
2. The slightest bump can cause accidental shots.


Last but definitely not least is the versatile, powerful, and lightweight type– the pneumatic (air-powered) staple gun. To make use of a pneumatic staple gun, you’ll need an air compressor. You can adjust the firing power of this gun by tweaking how much pressure the compressor produces for customizable stapling.


1. Can be used for anything – for upholstery, cabinets, and even roof tiles.
2. Will not overheat (compressed air is naturally cool).
3. Can deliver the most firing pressure than the other types of guns.


1. Can be tiring to constantly change pressure production from the air compressor.
2. Your range of movement is limited by the air-delivery hose and where the compressor is located.
3. Noisier than the other types. You’ll need ear protection.

Staple Type

The two available staple types are flat and rounded. They are used in different situations where the staple may cause unwanted damage to the object being fastened. For woodworking, you’ll probably need flat staples since they fasten fabrics to boards more effectively. If you’re fastening cables to a wooden surface, a rounded staple is the better option.

Staple Size

The size of the staple is also a matter of grave importance. The two figures you need to consider are the crown (the flat horizontal size) and the shanks (the two “legs” that penetrate the workpiece). Higher quality staple guns can accommodate various staple sizes for maximum versatility.

Staple Gun FAQs

1. Will this gun staple through [insert type of wood]?

Since all of the mentioned products are manually operated (not electric or pneumatic), then they’ll have limited use in terms of what sort of material they work with. For instance, any of these manual staple guns can be used on fir and pine. However, oak, ebony, walnut, and other hardwood types may prove to be too dense to inject staples manually. For those types of wood, you might need a pneumatic staple gun.

2. Can I use any of these for upholstery work?

This is probably where manual staple guns work best. Doing upholstery work requires not only a keen eye but also a relatively “delicate” stapley touch. A much-too powerful staple gun may end up tearing right through the fabric and require pulling out before firing another shot. With a manual staple gun, as long as the staples can pierce the surface of the wood beneath the fabric, you should be good to go.

3. What sort of materials can I use these staple guns for?

Manual staple guns are best used for light-duty projects – e.g. fastening fabric to wood, fabric to fabric, electrical cable to drywall (with the right staple size and type). If you need to fasten a board to another board, you may need brad nails which the WORKPRO 4-in-1 Manual Staple Gun is capable of firing.


Staple guns are an essential tool for many woodworking projects. However, of the three available types, manual staple guns offer just enough force to penetrate through certain low to medium density woods without causing unwanted damage to the object you’re fastening. You might also want to consider electric or pneumatic staple guns for heavier-duty projects, but for most cases, a manual model with a squeeze handle should do the trick.

Before settling on a staple gun, make sure that it can fit the right type and size of staples needed to complete the job on hand. A round-crown staple head is ideal for fastening delicate objects, whereas a flat staple is ideal for upholstery fabric since it has better gripping power.

Staple Gun | Bestseller

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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Best Staple Gun for Wood: Buying Guide

Stanley TR110 Heavy Duty Steel Staple Gun 84 Staple Capacity, Squeeze Trigger and T50#504 Box of Staples

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