Best Sledgehammers of 2021: Buying Guide

Sledgehammers have a million and one different purpose, but they’re mainly meant for causing destruction. That should be reason enough to go out and purchase your very own sledgehammer, especially if you plan on taking up a home remodeling project shortly.

Sledge hammers

What is a Sledgehammer?

Sledgehammers are a lot different from their tiny metal-claw hammers and mallets. First of all, sledgehammers have handles that are several times longer than their smaller counterparts.

Their length provides better leverage and bashing power for driving stakes and tearing down drywall. Furthermore, most sledgehammers use a double-sided blunt hammerhead, though there are several varieties of hammerhead styles to choose from.

Why would I need a Sledgehammer?

Sledgehammers are a specialized type of tool that you probably won’t make use of at every moment. Because of their heavy build and heavy slamming power, they’re mainly used for demolition (tearing down drywall, destroying wooden beams, breaking stone), but they have other practical uses like splitting logs by driving a wedge and metalwork.

If any of this sounds like something you plan on doing soon, then you should consider picking up a reliable sledgehammer.

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Sledge Hammer | Bestseller

SaleBestseller No. 1
Hooyman Sledge Hammer with Heavy Duty...
Hooyman Sledge Hammer with Heavy Duty...
DIMENSIONS: 35.25 inches L x 6.25 inches W x 2.25 inches D and weighs 8 lbs; SPECS: 1045 high strength steel with an HRC of 45-60

Our Recommended Sledgehammers in 2021

12) Wilton 22036 B.A.S.H Sledge Hammer

From Wilton, we have a sledge hammer with a 20-pound head. As a result of this sledge hammer possessing a 20-pound head, you can break down a wide variety of materials and items with this sledge hammer.

To go along with that, this sledge hammer contains a rubber handle and steel core. Both of these features allow for easier handling, and even greater durability.

Wilton B.A.S.H 36" Sledge Hammer, 20 Lb (22036)
  • NO-SLIP GRIP: Vulcanized rubber handle for secure grip while striking.
  • TRADEMARK GREEN HEAD: Hi-vis, drop-forged 46 HRC steel head endures the most demanding applications.
  • UNBREAKABLE HANDLE TECHNOLOGY: Steel core eliminates breaking during overstrikes.

11) Estwing 6-Pound Hard Face Sledge Hammer

Just as the title implies, this Estwing sledge hammer possesses a 6-pound hammer head. Even though that isn’t a lot of weight, it is more than sufficient for breaking down a variety of materials, such as wood and certain types of stone. High-quality overstrike protection also ensures that this hammer won’t break down from overuse.

Estwing 6-Pound Hard Face Sledge Hammer for...
  • 36-inch handle - 36-inch long ergonomic handle provides excellent arc swing for maximum impact
  • Forged head - 6-pound hammer head is forged from durable alloy steel and is induction hardened to 50-55 hrc
  • Fiberglass handle - dual-injection handle is infused with over 70% fiberglass for unmatched strength &...

10) ABN Sledge Hammer 3 Pounds

For a simple, affordable, and useful sledge hammer, you can’t go wrong with this sledge hammer from ABN.

Even though the sledge hammer offers just 3-pounds of strength, you can still pound in nails and stakes, while also breaking down small chunks of concrete and stone.

If you need something that won’t break the bank, but offers a great experience, this sledge hammer is a fantastic choice.

ABN Sledge Hammer 3 Pounds - Shock-Absorbing...
  • Convenient: The ABN Sledge Hammer 3 lbs has a rugged design for heavier duty jobs such as driving stakes,...
  • Shock-Absorbing Fiberglass Handle: Includes a handle that reduces vibration and shock transfer
  • Mechanic’s-Style: Oversized handle for sure grip

9) Edward Tools Pro 3 Pound Sledge Hammer

From Edward Tools, we have a 3-pound sledge hammer made of forged Harden steel, and with a sturdy oak handle. Both of these design features make pounding in nails, drilling various surfaces, breaking through various stone surfaces – among a variety of other uses – tasks that are easy and quite pleasant.

Edward Tools Pro 3 Pound Sledge Hammer - Heavy...
  • HEAVY DUTY STEEL - Made of forged Harden steel
  • SOLID OAK HANDLE - Anti shock oak handle
  • BALANCED HAMMER - Allows for accurate powerful blows

8) Truper 30928 6-Pound Sledge Hammer

From Truper, we have a 6-pound sledge hammer. The strength of this sledge hammer, combined with its durable and comfortable design, makes it ideal for a wide variety of projects. You can use this sledge hammer for commercial projects, industrial projects, and residential projects.

Truper 30928 6-Pound Sledge Hammer, Fiberglass...
  • Md-6f, 6 lb sledge hammer for heavy demolition
  • 36-inch double injected fiberglass handle
  • Rubber grip for improved handling and control

7) MAXPOWER 4lb Sledge Hammer

A 4-pound hammer head, combined with corrosion-resistant coating and comfortable rubber grips, makes this a fantastic sledge hammer. Every single one of those features is very easy to acquire, too, considering the low-price of this sledge hammer.

One of the nicest features this sledge hammer, beyond what’s been mentioned, is its lifetime warranty. As a result of this warranty, you won’t have to worry about dealing with any unfortunate defects.

MAXPOWER 4lb Sledge Hammer, Steel Head, 12-inch...
  • Drop forged Steel hammer head with corrosion-resistant surface
  • Fiberglass handle provide better durability versus wood handle, lightweight and durable
  • Ergonomic, thickened rubber handle cover features anti-slip, provides maximum comfort grip and control

6) Stark Sledge Hammer 2lbs Brass Head Fiber Glass

Just as the name implies, this sledge hammer offers a 2-pound brass head. Brass, being a very strong material, enables you to perform a wide variety of tasks with incredible ease. You can easily use this sledge hammer in a variety of ways, including on an oil rig, construction site, or an automotive shop.

Stark Sledge Hammer 2lbs Brass Head Fiber Glass...
  • Perfect application for: Oil Rigs, Gas Industry, Constructions, Automotive where struck surface is soft
  • The comfortable, thick rubber grip handle provides better protection from shock and vibration
  • Drop forged Brass Head is spark resistant; absorbs impact and reduces damage on surface being hit; can be used...

5) STANLEY FMHT56006 FATMAX Drilling Sledge Hammer

As you might expect, this sledge hammer is meant for drilling. To let you drill with ease, this sledge hammer comes with a 3-pound head, a fiberglass handle that is completely shatter-proof, as well as a useful handle grip. All of these features make pushing in drill bits – and removing them, for that matter – very easy.

STANLEY FMHT56006 FATMAX Drilling Sledge Hammer,...
  • Particle Dampened Handle
  • Stanley - Black & Decker
  • High Quality New!!!!!!!

4) CRAFTSMAN Sledge Hammer

The CRAFTSMAN Sledge Hammer offers an 8-pound hammer head. To enhance the strength of this hammer head, the head possesses a bullet nose design, as well as a core that is filled with fiberglass. Both of those features enable you to perform more elaborate tasks, in a manner that is easy and pleasant.

CRAFTSMAN Sledge Hammer, 8-Pound (CMHT56011)
  • Bullet nose design provides 2x more concentrated striking force
  • Particulate filled fiberglass core and shock absorbing collar helps reduce vibrations on impact
  • Over-mold textured grip for added comfort and control

3) NEIKO 02867A Fiberglass Sledge Hammer

Even though the title may imply otherwise, this sledge hammer’s head is made of 3.3-pounds of stainless steel. Rather, the shaft of this sledge hammer is made of fiberglass, and not the hammer head.

Beyond those features, though, this sledge hammer is strong, mobile, and great for any basic striking job.

NEIKO 02867A Fiberglass Sledge Hammer 3.3 Pound...
  • [LIGHTWEIGHT]: A lightweight sledgehammer that provides serious impact power for pounding and general everyday...
  • [DURABLE]: An essential tool for construction, this corrosion resistant sledge has heat-hardened steel head...
  • [ERGONOMICS]: The ribbed rubber handle provides a firm, no-slip grip even when wet and is ergonomically...

2) Wilton 12-Inch B.A.S.H Sledge Hammer

Just as the title implies, this sledge hammer possesses a total length of 12-inches, As a result of this length, if you need something a little longer, with a little more balance, then this sledge hammer is a fantastic choice. But, beyond those features, this sledge hammer possesses a 4-pound head that is strong, reliable, and very useful.

Wilton B.A.S.H 12" Sledge Hammer, 4 Lb (20412)
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Shaped and thickened for improved comfort and less vibration.
  • LANYARD HOLE: Safely secure hammer to wrist or stationary object.
  • NO-SLIP GRIP: Vulcanized rubber handle for secure grip while striking.

1) Fiskars PRO 750660-1001

If you compare this sledge hammer to others, you won’t find too many notable features. Rather, you will find a standard 4-pound hammer head, comfortable grips, and fairly low price.

Fortunately, though, that’s not all this sledge hammer offers. Rather, this sledge hammer comes with the IsoCore Shock Control System, a patented system that Fiskars has developed. Because of this system, the shock from hammering down on a surface is much less, making for an easier experience.

Fiskars PRO 750660-1001 IsoCore 4 lb Double Flat...
  • Patented IsoCore Shock Control System transfers 2X less shock and vibration than wood handles, reducing the...
  • Inseparable riveted head will not slide down or snap off, even when swinging with maximum force
  • Extra-large diameter driving face improves strike accuracy

The Ultimate Buying Sledgehammer Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Sledgehammers may seem like straightforward tools where any old model will do the trick. For the most part, you’d be right, but there are still several factors you need to take into account. In this section, we’ll go over these points one by one.

Best Sledgehammers
Sledge hammers

Handle Length (12 to 36 inches)

The handle of a sledgehammer varies from model to model. Some can be as stubby as 10 inches while others exceed the 48-inch mark. In general, a longer handle is preferable since it will provide you with much-needed leverage and improved bashing power for demolition jobs.

We would recommend considering any model with a handle of between 12 to 36 inches. A shorter handle offers better accuracy when swinging and works best in small spaces, whereas a long handle boosts the destructive power of each swing.

Handle Material (Hardwood or Fiberglass with Steel Reinforcement)

A sledgehammer’s handle is its weakest point. With every bash of the steelhead, the impact will gnaw away slowly at the integrity of the handle before it ultimately snaps in your hands.

Most manufacturers deal with this by using hardwood handles made of fiberglass or another composite material with improved shock absorption. Some brands stick to hardwoods like hickory, which may not be the longest-lasting but should provide you with many years of bash-ability. The best handles are reinforced with steel for better shock control.

Sledge hammers

Anti-Shock Grip or Neck

The material used to make the sledgehammer’s handle isn’t the only measure to control arm-breaking tremors after impact. An anti-shock grip or neck made of rubber cushioning will help absorb most of the blow, allowing you to work for longer with less arm, shoulder, and back pain.

Not every model is fitted with rubber cushioning, which sounds like a no-brainer in our opinion, so you’ll want to make sure it either comes with one of the brands that have compatible grips sold separately.

Sledgehammer Weight (8 to around 20 pounds)

The weight of a sledgehammer head also varies between models. Some are as light as 8 pounds while others are a hefty 20 pounds or more. If you’re having difficulty lifting the sledgehammer above your head, then you either need to hit the gym or opt for a lighter model. The obvious benefit of heavier sledgehammers is impact power per swing.

That, of course, is assuming that you have perfected the swinging technique in the first place. In general, it’s better to have a lighter sledgehammer that you can swing accurately than a heavier model that delivers only light taps.

Hammerhead Styles

Sledgehammers typically use double-faced heads where both sides deliver the same amount of force upon impact. But you may come across models that have specially made heads with a flat face on one side and a wedge on the other.

The wedged end of the hammer is great for splitting seasoned logs, but we will tell you this: driving a separate wedge tool into dried lumber has less of a chance of producing splintered or chipped logs. However, a tapered end can be beneficial for demolishing concrete, tiles, and stone.

Inseparable Hammerhead

Some of the best sledgehammer models come with an inseparable hammerhead that will not go flying across the room. These hammerheads are typically built into the handle as an extra safety measure.

The only downside is when the handle eventually breaks, you won’t be able to fit the hammerhead over a makeshift handle. As long as the sledgehammer’s handle is made of durable materials and reinforced with steel, this shouldn’t be a problem for many, many years.

Best Sledgehammers
Sledge hammers

Sledgehammer FAQs

Made in the US?

This is perhaps the most frequently asked question when purchasing tools. A very small portion of manufacturers use materials and employ manpower from the US, while most outsource production to countries like Mexico, China, or Vietnam. In our opinion, where the sledgehammer was made has very little impact on its overall quality and longevity.

Which is the better handle material: hickory or fiberglass?

When comparing different material handles, there are two factors you need to take into account: longevity and price. Fiberglass handles typically last longer than their wooden counterparts but can cost several more dollars.

Choose a sledgehammer based on how frequently you’ll use it.

Can I use a sledgehammer to [insert type of demolition?

A sledgehammer can be used in most situations, but if you’re planning on moving large stones that weigh several tons and measure several feet by several feet, then what you’re looking for is a little thing called “dynamite.”

Sledge hammers

Closing Remarks

Sledgehammers are a simple yet destructive piece of equipment that has many purposes. You may not need them, but you may darn well want a sledgehammer in your shed for those just-in-case moments like home remodeling and zombie invasions.

Searching for a high-quality sledgehammer isn’t all that difficult, as long as you are aware of what sort of materials goes into making the tool and what roles they play in shock absorption and longevity. The general “best” sledgehammer is constructed with a reinforced fiberglass handle, has a cushiony rubber grip, and weighs more than 10 pounds. The length of the tool matters most when working in tight spaces (bathroom, closets, etc.) where you won’t have much swinging room.

Selecting a sledgehammer from our list of the greatest models available, you really can’t go wrong. Each of these models is made with durability and hard-hitting abilities in mind, which are the essence of any good sledgehammer. Whichever model you decide to go with, the important thing is to be safe. Happy hammering!

Sledgehammer | Bestseller

Bestseller No. 1
CRAFTSMAN Sledge Hammer, 10-Pound (CMHT56019)
CRAFTSMAN Sledge Hammer, 10-Pound (CMHT56019)
Bullet nose design provides 2x more concentrated striking force; Over-mold textured grip for added comfort and control

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