Best Portable Work Tables with Wheels in 2022: Buying Guide

There are two things that annoy DIYers the most. The first is having the wrong tools, and the second is having the right tools but not being able to keep them on their person at all times. Sure, a utility belt and pocket clips can make carrying certain tools a breeze, but you could never ever fit a circular saw in your pocket without needing a few stitches. To make sure your heavy-duty power tools are always just an arm’s length away, and also that you have a sturdy surface to work on, consider investing in a handy portable work table that glides on wheels.

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Portable Work Table | Recommended

Last update on 2023-01-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Portable Work Table | Recommended

Last update on 2023-01-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Best Portable Work Tables with Wheels

LapWorks Link-it Utility Cart

The first item on our list is the mightily impressive LapWorks Link-it. A single unit measuring a total work surface area of 18-1/2 x 14-1/2 inches while standing at 23 inches tall. The best part about the Link-it is that you can stack multiple units on top of each other to create several tiers of storage, making this a highly versatile storage system.

Sadly, the casters have a difficult time locking in place, so if you’d like to “build” a stagnant storage shelf system for your at-home workshop, the Lock-it needs to be placed directly against a wall to prevent it from slipping and sliding.

Sunex 8019 Adjustable Work Table

The Sunex 8019 is one of the more basic portable work tables in the sense that it is a single-tier unit. The great thing is that it comes with a drawer where you can store screws, nails, and other such supplies away from large power tools during transport. One handy feature is an air tool cutout that lets you slip in your pneumatic tool’s hose for better organization. The 8019 also has rubberized pads on each of the table’s corners to prevent denting or scratching your vehicle when passing the table nearby, but the perimeter of the table is left buck-naked.

OEMTOOLS 24960 Portable Tear-down Tray

In our list, we’ve included two OEMTOOLS portable work tables. The first of which is the 24960, a 29 x 20-inch work table coated in a powdered, anti-corrosion finish. Like the Sunex, this portable work table has padding on each of the four corners, but the sides are also lined with protective rubber to prevent leaving unsightly gash marks in its wake.

The height of this work table can be adjusted to the user’s preferences so multiple users – both short and tall – can find using this work table a joyful experience. This table has a maximum weight capacity of only 55 pounds.

OEMTOOLS 24933 Portable Tear-down Tray

The 24933 looks identical to the 24960 except for its blue finish. This model does not have lockable caster wheels so refrain from using power tools on top of this work table. The good news is that like the 24960, the entire perimeter of the table is lined with soft rubber padding to prevent heartbreaking scratches on walls and vehicles.

The four corners of this unit’s stands also have rubber pads. The height of the 24933 is adjustable, starting from 33-1/2 inches up to 49-1/4 inches. Similar to the previous OEMTOOLS work table, this baby can only carry up to 55 pounds of weight at any given time.

ATD Tools 7012 Mobile Work Table

The final product on our list is the 7012 from ATD tools. At first glance, this portable work table looks identical to the Sunex 8019, but the core differences are its weight capacity and worktable surface area. The ATD Tools 7012 can handle up to 220 pounds of tools and supplies at any given time, and the table provides 29 x 20 inches of surface area to transport several large power tools in one go. The height of the work table can be adjusted from 34 inches short to 48 inches high, giving everybody a change to use this table comfortably.

Portable Work Table Buying Guide

Worksurface Area

The larger the worksurface, the more you can place on top of the portable work table. There is an obvious benefit of having a wider work table is being able to place more tools on the rack(s) and drawers. However, it can be quite cumbersome to navigate, especially when the table is loaded with power tools, and even more when attempting to push the table through tight spaces in your work garage. The ideal work table size depends on the setting of your personal workshop, so make sure to measure the narrowest space you’d like to navigate the work table through before settling on a specific model.


Like the table’s total area, the overall height of the entire unit is another important consideration. The work table should stand at a comfortable level to allow you to reach whatever tool you need without difficulty, and if you so choose, operating heavy-duty power tools shouldn’t require bending over. Some portable work tables can be adjusted to the height of the user, so if you have multiple people using the table, you might want to consider picking one of these up.


The tier refers to how many racks the work table has. Of the models talked about in the previous segment, only the LapWorks comes with two racks that are stackable if you’d like to increase the tier count. Multiple racks aren’t an absolute must-have feature, but it does make work go a lot smoother since you can store more tools on a single portable work table.


Organization is the key to completing tasks efficiently. Losing track of where the smallest tools and supplies are can be a time-consuming mistake that every veteran DIYer knows too much about. With one or several drawers in your portable work table, you can keep your tools organized, so nothing ever goes missing (provided you put them back where the belong after use).

Rubber Bumpers

The worst thing you could ever experience is accidentally bumping your steel-frame work table against the body of your vehicle. The chipped paint and slight bruise on one of your car’s panels can become a weight on your soul for several weeks. But if your work table comes with rubberized padding along the perimeter of the worksurface, then you can rest assured that the slightest bump will not be a cause for alarm.

Weight Limit

Work tables are not indestructible, so don’t for a second think you can place every heavy-duty power tool on the table without the supports bending and breaking. Most tables are designed to carry at least 100 pounds of weight, but some with sturdier frames and support beams have a load capacity of upwards of 200 pounds. The drawback of a stronger work table is the size of the unit (maneuverability problems).


Of course, to get your work table to wherever you need your tools requires the help of caster wheels. Caster wheels should be non-marring and move freely enough to allow the table to glide seamlessly across your garage floor. Some models have lockable casters that prevent the table from moving – a must-have feature if you plan on drilling and sawing on top of the table.


1. How easy is it to maneuver a portable work table through doors?

The size (width and height) of the work table can be a direct indicator of how well it moves around, but the width is more important in determining where the table can and cannot fit. Most portable work tables are made to pass through doors without tilting. When in doubt, ask the manufacturer or a sales rep about the size of the table before handing over your hard-earned buckets.

2. Can I lock the casters to keep the table in place?

Not all portable work tables have lockable caster wheels. These models are made specifically to transport your tools to and from places without difficulty, but problems may arise when attempting to operate your tools on top of these non-lockable tables.

If your ultimate goal is to move and use tools on top of the bench, make sure the casters have locks. And more importantly, make sure the casters can ACTUALLY lock. You’d be surprised to find how many “lockable” work tables there are that can’t even stay in place.

3. Can I place a miter saw on a portable work table?

You might be able to place and use a miter saw on a portable work table (provided that the wheels can lock in place). The important things to consider are the width of the work surface and how much clearance you need beyond the sides of the work table. Other stagnant tools like drill presses or disc sanders are a lot easier to operate while sitting on the work table.


Transporting power tools in your arms isn’t just dangerous to your tools but also to your personal well-being. To prevent the risk of dropping a circular saw on your toe, consider getting a portable work table on wheels – a handy piece of equipment that can transport several tools at once without weighing your arms down. If you need to move large tools from your garage workshop to, say, your living room, then a portable work table is definitely for you.

After reading this article, you should have a general idea of what makes for a high-quality portable work table. We’ve also provided you with our picks of the five top work tables on wheels if you don’t feel like spending hours researching different models and settling on one that will ultimately leave you feeling buyer’s remorse. Happy shopping, DIYers!

Portable Work Table | Recommended

Last update on 2023-01-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Portable Work Table | Recommended

Last update on 2023-01-11 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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Best Portable Work Table with Wheels

LapWorks Link-It Utility Cart, Heavy Duty, 350 Pound, Modular, Multipurpose Rolling Cart

Sunex 8019 Heavy Duty Adjustable Work Table with Drawer

OEMTOOLS 24960 Portable Tear Down Tray

OEMTOOLS 24933 Blue Portable Tear Down Tray

ATD Tools (7012 Heavy-Duty Mobile Work Table with Drawer


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