Best Grease Gun in 2021

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional mechanic, you can certainly benefit from having a good grease gun. A grease gun can help you lubricate parts with precision, getting into hard-to-reach places and ensuring that your machines keep operating to the best of their ability. Grease guns can be used in professional garages and in your own house, and there are many different types to choose from. But what are the advantages of using a grease gun?


Grease guns are specially designed to deliver lubricant in a specific area. Using a fine-tuned nozzle, you can get grease to go exactly where you need it when you are working on machines or different projects around the house. This means that you do not end up wasting any product. Also, if you can attach a hose to the nozzle, you can get into some especially hard-to-reach places. Many grease guns allow the user to adjust the pressure, giving you more control over how much lubricant you wish to use. This all means that you can better saturate the parts that truly need lubricant instead of wasting it.


Machines maintained with lubricant will last longer and require less costly maintenance. Without a grease gun, some areas of your machinery may be neglected when it comes to greasing and lubricating them. With a grease gun, you can make sure that your machinery is operating properly in order to deliver top performance for as long as possible.

Saving Money

If you waste less product, you use less product. And if you use less product, you spend less money. More accurate use of lubricants means that you will be able to cut down on waste and save money. Also, if you are a shop owner or a self-employed mechanic, then you know that time is money. Why waste that precious time trying and failing to grease the parts that truly need it, when you could simply use the correct tool and get the job done faster than ever? Plus, your parts and machines are lasting longer because they are properly lubricated, you don’t have to spend money on costly maintenance.

So how do you decide which grease gun is best for you? First, let’s take a look at all the different types of grease guns you can get.

Hand Lever

A hand lever grease gun can deliver some serious pressure. Some can even reach thousands of PSI. And all of this is done with your own body’s power, operated manually. These types of grease guns are best for projects where it is not necessary to be absolutely precise.


Pneumatic grease guns use air pressure. Some models can be adjusted to deliver different amounts of grease. These types of grease guns are best for jobs that don’t require a very high PSI (pneumatic grease guns build up to about 6,000 PSI), but they can deliver high precision.


Battery-powered grease guns can give you the highest pressure and are typically lightweight. Normally, you can adjust how much grease you issue with each pull of the lever. Battery-powered grease guns, for these reasons, are a great option for heavy machinery and other jobs where precision is key.

Now that we have taken a look at the advantages of grease guns and the different kinds that you can buy, let’s look over some other factors you may want to consider when buying one for yourself.


Safety first. If you buy a grease gun that was made in the U.S., Canada, or the E.U., you can rest assured that it was manufactured according to stringent safety and quality rules. Many other countries abide by similar safety rules, and they usually have to be approved for safety by an American agency before they can be sold in the country. But, it is always a good idea to check and make sure.

One important safety feature to be aware of, especially if you have children, is the presence of a safety lock on the grease gun. When the lock is active, somebody cannot activate the grease gun by pulling the “trigger”. These locks are often difficult for children to find, and are always a good idea to have switched on as a habit.


When looking for a grease gun, you don’t want to shirk on quality. You should look for a company that offers at least one year’s warranty, but the longer the better. A warranty is preferred because it can help lessen the burden on you should the grease gun be damaged. It also is a good way for you to gage how confident the company is in the quality of their product. For some products, companies will even offer a lifetime warranty!

If you are ever wondering about how durable a certain grease gun is, you can always find helpful reviews online. It is a good idea to check out what other customers’ experiences have been with a particular product. A good grease gun made with reinforced materials and stainless steel should last you a long time.

Final thoughts
So, in conclusion, you should look for the grease gun that is right for you based on several factors. Based on the amount of pressure and accuracy required, you can decide what sort of model you are ready to invest in. And if you have any machinery that requires grease, then a grease gun will be a great investment, granting you years of longevity and many dollars saved.

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