Best Flushing Toilets

Choosing a toilet used to be easy. You knew what it was. You knew what it did. So, you just went out and bought the first one you saw because all toilets are the same, correct?

Best Flushing Toilets

Well, times have changed. Not only are people clamoring for a distinct look that contributes to the elegance of their bathroom, they are also mindful of water usage. So they look for an efficient and effective fixture that saves them money on their water bill.
If you are in the market for a new toilet and need some advice, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

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One-piece or two?
Toilets come as one- or two pieces. That is, the water tank is melded together with the base or made separately. The difference for you, aside from the look, is the price. A one-piece unit can cost between $500 – $1,500 to install, while a tw0-piece will run between $250 – $700.

Water efficiency
Water conservation is one of the most significant issues of our times. Because of drought in states like California and Texas, and growing demand across the country, water can get pretty expensive. Recognizing these factors, manufacturers now offer low-flow toilets that only require 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF) versus older toilets that need between 3.5 and 7 GPF. Newer ultra-high-efficiency toilets (UHET) only use 0.8–1.1 GPF.

Best Flushing Toilets

In summary, an efficient toilet not only reduces water usage by an average of 20 – 60 percent, it can also provide average savings of $140 per year and $2,000 over the life of the toilet.

Flushing power
A toilet with a strong flush will do a better job of ejecting all waste while also making sure the bowl is left clean and empty. A dual flush toilet, for example, can distinguish between liquid and solid waste and then use just the right amount of water to flush it away.
One component affecting the power of the flush is the flush valve, which ranges in size between 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The wider valve allows water to move faster, ensuring a better flush.

Water Surface
The smaller the bowl, the less accurate the aim, resulting in a dirty toilet and floor. So, when choosing a toilet, consider one with a somewhat larger water surface.

Best Flushing Toilets

Other benefits include:
● Water won’t reach too close when sitting.
● Reduced odors.
● Sitting is more comfortable.

When choosing a toilet, don’t forget about your comfort. As mentioned above, increased water surface also increases the size of the seat. Yet another consideration is height. If you are tall, think about a base that fits and feels comfortable and doesn’t leave you cramped when you sit.

Toilets bowls can be compact for tight spaces or enlarged and come in round and elongated shapes. Although round shapes are most common, elongated shapes have an advantage as they can provide greater comfort for sitting.

How do I fix my slow flushing toilet?
If your toilet flushes slowly, the first thing you should do is to check water drainage. Start by removing the tank lid, lifting the flapper valve, and letting some water run in to see if it goes down. If it’s working, the toilet might be clogged.

Clogs may form in the venting hole at the bottom of the base or inside the siphon and rim jets located around the rim of the toilet bowl. So, have a plunger handy to check the base and a toilet brush, and some vinegar and baking soda to clean the jets. If clogs are not the problem, you need to check the float assembly inside the tank and replace it if necessary.

Best Flushing Toilets

How much water does a toilet use?
The amount of water used per flush may vary depending on the age and type of flushing mechanism used. Toilets made before 1982 used up to 7 GPF, while modern units need just 1.28 GPF, and the most advanced models use as little as 0.8 GPF.

Why doesn’t my toilet flush all the way?
If there are no clogs and the float assembly is intact, then the water level may be too low. Other possibilities include a blocked drainage pipe, the drainpipe doesn’t have the proper downward slope, or there’s a problem with the vent. For those with septic tanks, those tanks may be full.

What Is the Best Toilet on the Market?
After a careful review, we have concluded that the most efficient toilet on the market today is the Toto UltraMax II. This stylish one-piece fixture delivers 1.28 GPF, saving you money. What’s more, its efficient and effective tornado flushing system ensures the waste is carried away, leaving the toilet bowl clean. The elongated design allows for comfortable sitting. The Toto UltraMax II is an investment that will pay dividends for the years to come.

Best Flushing Toilets

What toilet you think is the best? Which features would you like to see in a new toilet? Please share your opinion with us in the comments section below!

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