Best Dremel Oscillating Tools in 2021: Buyer’s Guide

If you find yourself asking what the best oscillating tool is, you probably already know about the amazing features of these compact tool sets. Whether you’re in need of a tool for sanding, making flush cuts, chipping away excess grout, or making plunge cuts, a oscillating tool will do them all.

But why go to DremelAfter all, don’t they specialize in rotary toolsWell, if you take a quick look online, you’ll find Dremel popping up in all places where quality oscillating tools are mentioned. They joined the oscillating game in 2008 and have added little hints of innovation during the years, starting with their famed Multi-Max 20. The company has changed the game for oscillating tool manufacturers. Their innovations have led to significant modifications between models (MM40, MM30, MM20, and VC60) from their original standard cutters to their modern technical ones.

Dremel Oscillating Tool | Bestseller

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most significant Dremel Oscillating Tools for sale today.

4) Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Review

One of the most well-known Dremel oscillating tools has to be the MM40-05 with 3.8 Amp motor. It features everything you would expect from a professional tool manufacturer. For its price range, you can expect the MM40-05 to be one of the most powerful, user-friendly DIY toolkits around.

There’s a good reason why this specific oscillating tool by Dremel is a DIY-aficionado’s dream: it’s a definite time-saver for handling a wide range project. The toolkit comes with a total of 36 accessories arranged in an easy-to-find manner in a hard, compact carry case. Customers found this oscillating tool to be completely easy to handle. Fixing any blade accessory onto the unit is done with a swing using the Quick-Lock mechanism. When attached, you’re ready to start.

This unit features a variable speed dial located on the back of the handle, allowing for adjustable speed cutting from light and delicate chipping to hard and fast sawing. Just scroll the dial with your thumb and find the appropriate speed. Another neat feature is the Quick-boost electronic control which maintains cutting speed while operating on hard surfaces. This absolutely makes working on challenging tasks a lot easier.

There’s no point working with an oscillating tool if the attachments don’t last, and even worse if the tool itself doesn’t last. You won’t have this problem with the durable accessories (replacements sold separately) and strong design of this oscillating tool.

There are some notable drawbacks with this unit: first, it doesn’t come with an LED light, an absolute necessity for working in closets or other dark places; and secondly, you can only attach Dremel-made accessories to this unit. Blades from other manufacturers will slide right off.

Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max 3.8-Amp Oscillating Tool...
  • High-performance 3.8 Amp motor for the most demanding applications
  • Quick-Lock for tool-less and secure accessory changes
  • Quick-Boost - maintains constant speed throughout toughest applications and materials

3) Dremel VC60-01 Velocity Hyper-Oscillating Tool Review

Dremel released their Ultimate Remodeling Tool in 2017, called the VC60-01 Velocity Oscillating Remodeling Tool. This 7.0 Amp tool is quite different from any other oscillating multi-tool out there. The extra power of the Velocity serves to fill the gap between traditional oscillating tools and heavy duty cutters for harder materials.

The VC60-01 Velocity comes with a 7.0 Amp motor for tackling tough jobs usually meant for specialized tools. Traditionally, oscillating tools only feature 3.0 to 4.0 Amp motors which significantly limit their usefulness with challenging cutting tasks. However, with the Velocity, you’ll find cutting through sheet wood or 2x4s to be a walk in the park.

Different materials require a certain cutting speed for the best results, especially when applying intricate cuts. The VC60-01 Velocity was designed with two cutting speeds for precision and hyper-quick work. Use the variable dial for delicate notches, or crank it up to hyper for extra fast straight-cuts.

Another differentiating factor between the VC06-01 Velocity and other products on the market is its 5° oscillating angle. It might not seem like a big difference compared to the 3.2° angles you get from other oscillating tools, but it will allow you to perform quick and aggressive cuts. This is what makes it so useful against sheet wood or pieces of lumber.

No tool is free from drawbacks, and the Dremel Velocity is no exception. First of all, you’ll notice that this unit does not feature any anti-vibration technology, so you’ll experience greater vibrations which can possibly cause deviated cuts on the materials. Secondly, the tool is a little bit heavier (4.45 lbs) as compared to other oscillating tools (the MM40-05 which is only 2.9 lbs). Finally, you should bring a flashlight when you work in dark areas because the Velocity doesn’t feature an LED light.

Dremel VC60-01 Velocity 7.0 Amp Hyper-Oscillating...
  • A $179 value with a variety of accessories, the high performance 7.0 Amp motor powers through the most...
  • Precision and Hyper Speed modes for optimal performance in a variety of materials.Cord Length: 7 feet....
  • Extra wide 5 degree oscillation angle with new drive system delivers a faster speed of cut

2) Dremel MM30-04 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Review

Next a Dremel oscillating tool which performs well and is easy to use. The Dremel MM30-04 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool is a cost-efficient tool with a price tag of under $100. You won’t get the strength of the VC60-01 or even the MM40-05 but the unit does an adequate cutting job on certain materials.

You’ll want sensitive control when it comes to cutting speed. The MM30-04 definitely offers sensitive speed control with its variable 10,000-23,000 OPM. More intricate and precision cuts require slower oscillations to prevent deviations. You may find older models with a peak OPM far less than the MM30-04’s perform adequately well, so more OPM doesn’t necessarily translate to better and faster work. However, it is definitely useful for handling tougher pieces of material.

This Dremel model comes with an integrated wrench for quick and easy accessory changes. Paired with the magnetic interface installed on the blade holder to keep the accessory from falling, users won’t have to fumble around with holding the accessory in place while screwing the bit on.

The MM30-04 with a powerful 3.3 Amp motor is surprisingly easy to use. Unlike rotary tools whose accessories rotate in a single direction, this oscillating tool uses a back-and-forth motion of its accessories to perform cuts. Because of this, there’s no torque or anything to make the unit jerk away from your grip. Travel distance between cuts is limited so the unit’s vibrations are minimal.

This model was released around 2013 so it is somewhat out of date. However, there’s nothing wrong with being an old but versatile tool, and the MM30-04 definitely seems to be that. It’s definitely the perfect budget-friendly oscillating tool for beginners or people who have never handled such a device before.

Dremel MM30-04 Multi-Max 3.3-Amp Oscillating Tool...
  • Quick release on-tool integrated wrench: users no longer have to worry about losing their wrench
  • Extra-wide 3.2 degree oscillation angle provides faster cutting and performance
  • Quick hold magnetic accessory interface holds the accessory in place

1) Dremel MM20-03 Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Review

The last item on our list is the Dremel MM20-03 with a 2.3 Amp motor. This toolkit offers a combination of versatility with a moderate selection of well-rounded accessories which allow users to tackle any task from electrical repairs to remodeling and crafting. Its compact design makes it ideal for getting into tight spaces for accurate cuts. Whatever simple job you have, this oscillating tool can get it done.

The 2.3 Amp motor on the MM20-03 can seem a little low compared to modern oscillating tools on the market, but it still performs well on various tasks. With the variable speed controller, you can manage how slowly or how quickly the accessories cut, based on what you need from it. The speed ranges from 10,000 to 21,000 OPM, giving the user complete control.

This toolkit only comes with 6 accessories (far less compared to the MM40-05) but covers almost every job you need done by an oscillating tool. The accessories include a wood flush cut blade, flexible scraper blade, wood and drywall blade, hook and loop blade, wood sandpaper and paint sandpaper sheets. These accessories combined with the compact size of the oscillating tool are extremely useful for getting into hard-to-reach spaces for precision cuts at awkward angles.

This is the second oldest oscillating model after the original Multi-Max 20. There have been dramatic changes between the two – most notably the 50% increase in motor power – but the latest innovations and technological developments have left this device in the dust. Not only is it weaker and older than the MM30-04 mentioned before, but it’s also more expensive (in multiple stores). Still, it’s a good unit for working on simple tasks around the house.

Dremel MM20-07 2.3-Amp Multi-Max Oscillating Tool...
  • Equipped with 2.3-amp motor- as powerful as many professional oscillating tools
  • Capable of variable speed operation (10,000-21,000 OPM)
  • New black color design helps user differentiate between Dremel's MM30 and MM40 oscillating tools

Dremel Oscillating Tools: Conclusion

These are the four most notable oscillating multi-tools made by Dremel. Despite being widely known for their high-quality rotary tools, they’re definitely carving a spot for themselves among the top oscillating device manufacturers in the world. Whether you’re looking for a cost-efficient, powerful oscillating tool or a more versatile, heavy duty one, Dremel definitely offers some of the best choices available on the market.

Their devices perform exceedingly well against soft or hard materials, thanks to the variable control settings on each of their devices. In addition, Drewel’s wide selection of durable accessories makes performing various tasks easier than ever before.

Dremel Oscillating Tool | Bestseller



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Dremel Oscillating Tool
Dremel Oscillating Tool
Dremel Oscillating Tool
Dremel Oscillating Tool
Dremel Oscillating Tool

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