Best Crawl Space Dehumidifiers

The biggest problems faced by crawl spaces which are situated under our hours are poor air quality. The biggest issues that are faced by crawl spaces are caused by poor ventilation which tends to lead to high levels of humidity. This issue often becomes the root cause in people buying the top quality crawl space dehumidifiers.

Having a home with a humid crawl space can lead to numerous problems, like bad smell, pest invasions, mold and allergies. Installing a crawl space dehumidifier can solve many of these issues.

One of the most effective methods of improving your homes air quality is to enclose the crawl space. If you do this, you will still have to work on improving the ventilation in the crawl space as well as work to reduce the humidity. Without decreasing the humidity or increasing the ventilation, encapsulating the crawl space can be just as damaging as leaving it the way it currently is.

We will aim to use this guide you through the best dehumidifiers on the market for your house.

Size Crawl Space Dehumidifier to Get

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Crawl space humidifier – what is it?
In order to control humidity levels in your crawl spaces, as the word suggests, a crawl space humidifier will do just that. Crawl space humidifiers can also be used in other humid areas such as basements or garages.
Although the dehumidifier has the ability to be placed flat on the floor, most homeowners prefer to hang them by floor joists rather than have them on the floor.
The design of the dehumidifier allows it to be used continuously without homeowner intervention. The dehumidifier will have a hose attached to it to allow the water to be transported to a drain or outside.
The dehumidifier is able to maintain a desired humidity level. Once the homeowner sets the level, the dehumidifier will automatically switch on or off to maintain the level selected. Some models of dehumidifiers allow you to adjust the humidity level without going into the crawl space through including a remote control.

Dri-Eaz Revolution LGR Dehumidifier
For extremely hot or humid areas, the Dri-Eaz dehumidifier is one of the best dehumidifiers. It is known to be extremely powerful with the ability to absorb up to 80 pints of moisture each and every day. It is able to cover an area of about 7000 square feet.
One great feature is the Dri-Eaz’s display which has its easy to read and access temperature details which allows for more convenient temperature control. The model has a LED screen on top to display the temperature details. The display is a touch screen which allows easy control of temperature setting and view. With all these features, the model still manages to be extremely compact in its size and only weighs roughly 50 pounds.
The maintenance of the unit is convenient with a feature that automatically pumps out water. It is a great investment to make with the model having an impressive lifetime warranty.

Size Crawl Space Dehumidifier to Get

Bottom Line
The Dri-Eaz is the benchmark crawl space dehumidifier. The reliable dehumidifier has efficient performance with high power capabilities. The dehumidifier has many unique features and great easy to use functionalities. The Dri-Eaz is not the most affordable unit on the market and if you do not need top of the range or to cover a large space, you may be better off looking elsewhere.

AlorAir Crawl Space Dehumidifier
IF you are looking for a high performing dehumidifier at more of a bargain, then the AloAir Crawl Space Dehumidifier is the model for you. The dehumidifier is extremely high quality like its competitors yet your pockets will thank you later. This dehumidifier is able to function at 36 degrees Fahrenheit which others may not withstand. The AloAir dehumidifier can cover 1300 square feet and extract as much as 55 pints of water daily!
The AloAir contains internal coils which are coated with stainless steel. It is covered with epoxy which allows it to last longer with less corrosion. This really durable design makes the AloAir a very close second place to the Dri-Eaz. Unlike the others, this model really combats oxidation with its well thought out design.
The dehumidifier has remote control capabilities which make it very convenient and easy to use. The G3 slide filter makes it a breeze to clean and it is smart enough to shut down after a full 24 hours of operating.

Bottom Line
If you are looking for a more affordable dehumidifiers with the same standard of high functionality and power, then the AloAir is the model for you. The model does not have a lifetime guarantee like some competitors , indicating a lower useful life. However, the overall package at the price makes it a really appealing option for homeowners. It has many features to rival other dehumidifiers but with a much more appealing price.

AlorAir Crawlspace Dehumidifier
If you’re looking for a dehumidifier specifically for a crawl space or basement, then the AlorAir Sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier is just what you are looking for. This dehumidifier is able to extract roughly 95 pints of water daily as well as cover a whopping 2600 square feet. Its 4 wheel design makes it portable and easy to manoeuvre. The Sentinel HDi90 is also build from materials to allow no corrosion to occur.
It is really easy to set up and maintain due to it’s connect plugs as well as its pump which is 20 inches high. The model is also conveniently quiet when operating at even the highest power.
The dehumidifier, like its rivals, has remote control capabilities. The controlling of the temperature and humidity levels is very simplistic. The design containing coils and body coated with epoxy means it will fight corrosion and be much more durable.

Bottom Line
The AlorAir Sentinel HDi90 is evidently powerful with the capability to cover larger areas and run at a high performance level. This model, although more portable and silent than the other, comes at a price. This model is at the top end of the price range and if money is tight, you could get very close alternative model which is not so exorbitant.

Size Crawl Space Dehumidifier to Get

Dri-Eaz PHD 200 Dehumidifier with Pump
The Dri-Eaz PHD 200 is the leader in the industry , especially for industrial use! This dehumidifier is able to extract an unparalleled 134 pints of water each day. It also avoids corrosion and rust with its polythene over to protect it against moisture.
The model is easy to use and has a bright LED display which allows homeowners to view controls in the darkest of places. The dehumidifier will automatically drain the water outside through its pump. It is extremely easy to use and operate based on its design.
Similar to the standard Dri-Eaz, the PHD 200 too has a lifetime warranty on its polythene frame. The warranty on its other parts is still an impressive 6 years. The money spent on this is justified with the warranty provided on the product.

Bottom Line
If your areas is extremely large or very humid, the commercial grade dehumidifier is the best bet. The biggest concern is the hefty price tag that comes with the PHD 200 model. This may result in some hesitation considering there are many alternatives at lower prices on the market. The performance mentioned above however ensures that there is no model that can rival it from a performance perspective.

Why do homeowners need Crawl Space Dehumidifiers?
Crawl spaces are known for being moist areas but actually should not be. The presence of dampness may lead to structural damage of your property. Moisture and dampness are breeding grounds for milder and mold.
If your crawl space begins to become infested with mold, it can reach your home rapidly. Mold in your house may lead to many health risks.
The most common effect of mold on the health is asthma or other breathing issues and allergic reactions. The symptoms depend on how sensitive you are to mold.
Leaking pipes or water damage are more often than not the cause of crawl spaces becoming moist or damp. The water damage, leak or puddles are to be fixed first before the dehumidifier is to work effectively. The dehumidifier does not have the capability to repair leaks or dry up puddles.
Once your crawl space contains no leaks or water, you can install the dehumidifier of your choice.

Features of Crawl Space Dehumidifiers
In order to make your life a bit more convenient, crawl space dehumidifier have numerous great features. Many of these features are likely not necessary for the functioning of the dehumidifier, however these make the units more appealing to consumers. Something like a humidistat is a feature you’d rather have on your dehumidifier than not. Some other great features are listed below.

This feature, if you couldn’t tell from its name, allows the dehumidifier to operate effectively when temperatures are extremely low. Subfloors can become very cold and when the time arises, you’d like to ensure your dehumidifier is still operating.

Size Crawl Space Dehumidifier to Get

Condensate Pumps
To avoid having to be hands on and deal with water, a condensate pump allows water to be automatically pumped outside through a tube. This tube will however need to reach outside, so ensure you place your dehumidifier strategically.
This feature is prevalent in the upper range of the dehumidifiers. This will remove air particles while reducing humidity in your crawl space. This however, means that you will need to replace its MERV filter occasionally.
Other features include times to keep your dehumidifier running when you would like it to as well as alert features. These can get your system running just the way you want it to. Most crawl spaces tend to be very dark, LED or well-lit control panels allow easy viewing and controlling of the dehumidifier. The other features you could look out for when purchasing your system would be on-board diagnostics, automatic restarting as well as exhaust outlets which are rotatable

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