Best Cordless Nail Gun in 2021

When working with a nail gun in carpentry you can get a job done quickly and easily. When introducing a compressor or gas cartridges it only becomes more of a bother. They are just more things to carry around. The solution to this dilemma, there is a battery powered cordless nail gun.

Does any cordless nail gun fix the problem? What happens if you purchase a bad one? It can definitely create more of a hassle, so you need to find a quality product.

Right now there are so many different brands and products, finding the right one is not such an easy task. We have come to help you with this task, to help find the right cordless nail gun. Here we will review the best cordless nail guns on the market so you can pick the one that works best for you.

Cordless Nail Gun | Bestseller

Buying Guide of Cordless Nail Gun
While we have named some top-rated cordless nail guns, how do you know which is most suitable for you? Here we will give you the exact factors to look at to decipher which is best for you.

You are going to have to lift it up and down, and you want control, so to find one that is lightweight is obviously the best option. You are going to be using it consistently it is better to have one that is lightweight and can travel with you.

The same principle applies for comfortability. If you are going to be using the nail gun for long stretches and on multiple jobs, you want something that isn’t too cumbersome in your hand and easy to use. Pay close attention to the grip that is offered, that it will be the most comfortable piece of the machine.

You want to check how often the gun can jam. The guns jam, it happens and is easy to release the jam. But a jam can be a painful thing, so you want to just double check it.

Nail Capacity
The more nails the gun can hold the better. The less time spent loading the gun with nails is more time for you to do what you want. You can find guns that can hold up to 300 nails. Try to find a gun where you don’t need to load it every 30 minutes.

Battery Power
A great battery quality goes a long way when using a nail gun. Over time it pays off by reducing your downtime recharging the battery. Our list will show you nail gun kits with high quality batteries to finish framing in one action!

Trigger Type
In a nail gun, there are a couple trigger options. The first area is at the tip of the fun, which activates in contact trigger modes. The other is the trigger knob you activate with your finger in sequential trigger modes.

Contact triggers engage when the tip of the gun comes in contact with the wood. They are the most usable, however a bit more dangerous, you could accidentally press the gun on something you don’t want nailed in, like your finger or leg.

Sequential triggers don’t have this same problem, it is required to depress the safety tip yourself. Requiring you to manually pull the trigger with your finger before the nail fires. These sequential triggers can be more complicated to the beginner.

Both triggers have the advantages and disadvantages. The best nail gun should have both modes so you can have the flexibility to do either.

Depth Control
Your project can come undone when you can’t control how deep the nail goes. Sometimes you need nails to go deeper, other times you don’t need the nail to go so deep where it only leaves the potential to chip or scratch the wood above the head of the nail.

One way to avoid this kind of risk is to find a gun with tool-less adjustment, which can help control the depth your nail goes in.

Safety Features
Nail guns can kill if not handled correctly. You need to look for a safety lock or other safety mechanisms before buying one. You need to check and see the ease in which it is to remove a jammed nail in the gun. This is where most accidents occur, when trying to fix a jam.

Nail Type
Another factor to look at would be the type of nail you need for framing and that it matches your requirements. It’s not always about the durability of the nail, obviously you need to consider how available the nails are in your area.

When framing, typically you need 3.5inch nails with a 31 to 34 degree angle. Some nail guns use rounded head nails, others use clipped heads. They both work fine, but the rounded nail heads hold up better when compared to the clipped nails. This is just my opinion, nothing to base your life around. Just remember, never use a nail gun that uses nails up to 2.5 inches in length or are totally straight. This is for finishing nails, not framing nails.

Everything discussed above are excellent option for any type of job. Choosing one is then the hardest part, because they all seem to be specific to a certain job type. With great homeowner value, as well as many possibilities in the professional setting because of their value and overall ability.

If you have questions or comment son the models presented, or a favorite you want to share, please do so below. And as always, please share!

Cordless Nail Gun | Bestseller

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