Best Champion Generator Reviews in 2021

In this post, we’d like to talk a little bit about Champion Equipment. This company is the leading brand in power-supply equipment. Their line of generators include standby models for your home, portable models for tailgating and camping, and inverter models that supply clean energy to your most delicate appliance and gadgets.

Best Champion Generator Reviews

What/Who is Champion Equipment?

Champion Equipment is a manufacturing company coming straight out of Santa Fe Springs, CA. They’ve been in the generator and yard tools game for less than 20 years, but they’ve already managed to become a top contender and market leader in the US. Champion has spread its wings and has facilities in the Midwest, East Coast, and even up north in Canada.

There’s nothing we can say about Champion that hasn’t already been said. It’s a great company that produces some of the highest quality generators on the planet. Generator manufacturers around the world look to Champion as a shining example of creating the perfect generators. We’re not saying that other products from other companies aren’t bad, but we’re saying that there’s no generator from Champion that we don’t like.

Champion Generator | Bestseller

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Why Choose a Champion Generator?

There are several reasons why you should go with Champion for your generator needs. First of all, the company has been in the biz for only about two decades now, but they do what they do flawlessly. This California-based company has an army of the best engineers who are constantly coming up with innovative ideas to implement in their line of generators.

Secondly, their customer service is second to none. We often hear that a company’s number one priority is customer satisfaction, but this is usually until their offices close for the night. With Champion, during any time on any day (in the US and Canada), if your generator is experiencing problems, just give them a ring and a representative will be ready to serve.

Best Champion Generators

What Generator Options Does Champion Offer?

We mentioned earlier that Champion makes all types of generators – standby, portable, and inverter – but they also cater to every market’s generator needs. To help you understand what we mean, we’ll describe briefly what sort of generators Champion has to offer.

Standby Generators

Whether you need a generator for a moderately sized home, a mansion, or a business, you can bet your sweet cheeks that Generator has a model that’ll suit your needs perfectly. Standby generators from Champion come in all capacities – from small 8,500 watts to large 14,000 watts.

Portable Generators

Whether you need a generator for your RV, for camping trips, or for supplying power to heavy-duty machines like log splitters or winches, Champion’s line of portable generators is worth taking a look at. Like their standby models, Champion produces portable generators of various capacities. There are tiny 1,500-watt models and even humungous 15,000-watt portable generators. Losing power in the middle of nowhere is not an option if you have a Champion generator at your beck and call.

Champion Equipment Power Generators

Inverter Generators

Inverter generators are all the rage in the generator world since they can supply super-clean power to your sensitive gadgets without any risk of unexpected surges. Champion’s line of inverter generators is, simply put, just awesome. There are small 1,500-watt inverter generators and even mega 4,000-watt models.

How Loud are Champion Generators?

Generators are naturally loud. There’s really no way around it (except for getting an inverter generator). However, thanks to the superior muffling system in place in each of Champion’s generators, you’ll hardly notice that your generator is on and supplying power. Even the largest 15,000-watt portable generator produces noises at roughly 70 decibels at half-load capacity.

That’s not even on economy mode!
In general, you don’t want to place a generator too close to where you’re staying. A safe distance to place your generator would be at least 20 feet away. At this distance, you may not even hear a peep or sputter coming from a Champion Generator.

Are Champion Generators Any Good

Dual-Fuel Generators

You may want to pick up a dual-fuel generator if your home has access to a liquid propane line. Champion generators that can use either gasoline or propane are known to be some of the most fuel-efficient generators. Their run times on liquid propane are just about equal to the runtime of using gasoline. Oftentimes, gasoline provides more starting and running wattages and longer lasting power, but in several of Champion’s dual-fuel models, the differences are either minuscule or nonexistent.

Is There Anything to Not Like about Champion Generators?

Although many of Champion’s generators have been home runs, they’re not without their faults, as minor as they may seem. Some of their models can be quite noisy, even when placed 20 feet away from your home or RV. In other models, filling up the fuel tank can be a bit troublesome, and even their fuel gauges seem to give inaccurate readings.

Some customers have complained about their generators being shipped to them in less-than-perfect condition – some with puddles of motor oil in the box and others with faulty recoil cords or electric starters. We’re glad to say that Champion’s legendary customer service has almost always been there for their customers in assisting them with their warranties and even handling returns.

Best Champion Generators

Final Remarks

Champion is the leader of generators and yard tools in North America. Their engineers are constantly working on the next best generator, and their expertise really shows in their product line. This Californian company produces generators for anybody with any needs. Whether you need a generator for your RV, for your power tools, or for your business’ establishment, Champion has your back.

Take some time to research the different types of generators and see how Champion blows the competition out of the water with almost all of their generators.

Basically, there’s a very little risk of disappointment if you get a Champion generator. There are only two possible results: you’ll either thoroughly enjoy your Champion generator, or you’ll be treated to Champion’s world-class customer service. Returns and refunds aren’t something that Champion shies away from, so if you’re thinking of picking up a generator, an excellent brand to choose would be Champion Equipment.

Champion Generator Reviews

Champion Generator | Bestseller

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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