Best Band Saws for Metal in 2022: Buying Guide

If you don’t know what a band saw is, it’s one of the most valuable tools you can have. Nothing makes cutting curves into wooden blocks than a band saw. But band saws aren’t made specifically for wood.

Band Saws for Metal
Band Saws for Metal

If you need to cut metal bars to size, then you’ll need a band saw made particularly for that job. In this article, we’re going to take a look at five of the best band saws for metal. We’ll also include a quick buying guide on who needs one and what features to look out for.

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Metal Band Saw | Recommended

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Metal Band Saw | Recommended

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Best Band Saws for Metal

5) KAKA BS-712N

The 712N from KAKA Industrial is a freestanding 1-1/2-HP bandsaw that can cut blocks of material from aluminum to steel measuring up to 7 x 12 inches.

It has its own coolant system that keeps the bimetal blade properly lubricated to ensure straight cuts with every plunge. Using a clamp vise system, the 712N can tilt up to 45 degrees to produce cuts at any angle.

An adjustable drive belt allows users to modify the speed at which the blade moves – easy-to-ready instructions on how to change between speeds can be found on the inner panel of the drive belt compartment. Best of all, you can take the horizontal/vertical metal bandsaw anywhere in your shop thanks to the durable casters.

KAKA BS-712N, 7-inch Metal Cutting Horizontal Band...
  • Universal for both home and small business use
  • 1.5 horsepower motor prewired for 115V, can be rewired for 230V
  • Quick clamp vise can be rotated 0-45 degree

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4) Klutch Benchtop Metal Cutting Band Saw

The Klutch is a lot smaller than the KAKA, but its smaller size actually makes it a lot more transportable. It can only accept stock of up to 4.1 inches in thickness (3.3 inches for round pipes).

It features the same 1-1/2-HP motor for high-quality cuts, and the bimetal blade is able to cut through solid aluminum and thinner pieces of steel. Vice grips on the base keep your stock perfectly in place as you plunge the bandsaw in at anywhere between 45° and 90°.

This unit does not come with a movable base (sold separately), and the base that it does rest on is rather small compared to the bandsaw’s dimensions. We’d advise clamping this unit onto your workbench for added safety.

Klutch Benchtop Metal Cutting Band Saw - 3in. x...
  • Capacity: 33in round stock, 33in–41in rectangular stock
  • 52in x 1/2in x 1/40in (1325mm x 13mm x 065mm) bi-metal blade delivers variable blade speeds of 130–288 FPM
  • 26inL x 12inW x 26 1/2inH overall size

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3) Jet HVBS-712D Deluxe Bandsaw

Similar to the KAKA, the Jet HVBS-712D is both a vertical and a horizontal bandsaw with wide cutting capacities. When the blade is upright, it can slice through rectangular stock as large as 4 inches thick by 11 inches in length.

You can change the vertical capacity to up to 8 inches to create a safer work environment for more difficult materials. Its ¾-HP motor is considerably smaller than the previous models, but it’s still able to handle the same materials with ease. This bandsaw features a large 10 x 12-inch worktable for both orientations to help carve metal more comfortably.

Tilting the bandsaw head is done with a tool-less vise lock with positive stops at 0°, 30°, and 45°.

Jet HVBS-712D 7"x12" Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical...
  • HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL POSTIONS: Large 9" x 12" infeed table assembly extends the support area.
  • REPEATABILITY: Micro-adjustable tool-less material stop for accurate set-up.
  • DURABILITY: Blade wheels are made from flanged cast iron.

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2) KAKA BS-712R

We’re back with another of KAKA’s awesome creations – the BS-712R. Both in appearance and performance, the two are identical. One of the biggest differences between the two is that the BS-712R is missing a block feeder – a side table that extends the width of the worktable for better support.

This, however, isn’t the most useful feature, and most of the time you can complete the cut by simply flipping the stock over. Like the 712N, the bow on this model can tilt up to 45° with positive stops set at 0° and 45° for easy repeated cutting.

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1) Grizzly Industrial G0622

Last but definitely not least is the beast of a bandsaw by Grizzly. The G0622 features a ¾-HP motor with adjustable speed. Changing between gears is done by switching positions of the drive belt. The three available speeds are capped at 78, 108, and 180 FPM for cutting through all types of material without damaging the blade.

The G0622 can chop material of up to 4-1/2 x 6 inches in size (4-1/2-inch diameter pipes). By releasing the hydraulic pump, you can set the bandsaw from horizontal to vertical orientation for better visibility while working. This unit comes with a durable base with two wheels on one side for easy movement.

Grizzly G0622 Metal-Cutting Bandsaw, 4 x 6-Inch
  • Blade included automatic shutoff three cutting speeds ball bearing construction vertical cutting attachment...
  • Specifications: Motor HP 110V single-phase 1 725 RPM max
  • Capacity circular 4-1/2-Inch diameter

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Band Saw for Metal Buying Guide

Best Band Saws for Metal
Band Saws for Metal

Should I get a bandsaw for metal?

That depends. Do you actually need a bandsaw or would does the concept of owning one intrigue youEither way, you definitely could benefit from having your own bandsaw in your workshop.

If your line of work calls for cutting through metal pieces regularly and don’t feel like breaking your arm and back by working a manual hacksaw, then a bandsaw can definitely save you pain and trouble. We understand that these are hefty investments, but for metalworkers or construction workers who need a reliable tool to cut smoothly through metal, these bandsaws are worth every penny.

What other materials can I use these bandsaws on?

The type of materials that the bandsaw can cut through depend on the mounted blade. There are several reliable places to find which blade – how many teeth and so on – would work best on which material. All you need to do is match the correct blade with your stock and ensure that the blade can actually fit on the bandsaw.

You could technically use these saws to cut wood and plastic, but they’re not made for these jobs. In fact, their slower cutting speed is designed specifically for metal cutting, and anything else might come out burned or result in a damaged blade.

Differences between traditional bandsaws and horizontal/vertical bandsaws

A traditional bandsaw like those you find in woodshops differ vastly from these bandsaws. First is their shape – the bandsaws mentioned in this article are stubbier.

Next is their versatility – the worktables on these bandsaws can flip up and down for horizontal and vertical use, whereas traditional bandsaws are built with horizontal worktables only. Many of the models mentioned above also come with movable stands to help navigate the tool around your workshop.

Important Specs and Features

Band Saws for Metal
Band Saws for Metal

Cutting Speed

Most bandsaws come with adjustable cutting speeds. This is done by shifting the drive belt to different pulleys for faster or slower cuts. The correct speed depends entirely on what material you’re working with. In general, metal requires a slower cutting speed, and anything surpassing the 200-FPM mark may end up grinding the blade’s teeth quicker than you’d like.

Blade Size

The size of the blade is typically measured by its length and girth. There is no ideal blade size, but generally speaking, the longer the blade, the longer it’ll last. You might want to consider purchasing additional blades when you pick up your bandsaw… just in case.

Best Band Saws for Metal
Band Saws for Metal

Horizontal and Vertical Orientation

Not every bandsaw is made with a swingable worktable and bow. However, only you can decide whether both horizontal and vertical orientations are needed or whether you can survive with one. The size of the worktable is also an important consideration since it will indicate how easy it will be when working with stocks of various sizes.

Coolant System

Cutting through metal is not an easy job. If you’ve ever tried manually sawing through a metal pipe, you’ll find that the heat produced by friction can lead to warps in the blade or misaligned cuts. The best bandsaws, such as the ones we’ve talked about above, come with coolant systems that spray a fluid at the blade and workpiece to ensure longer blade lives and even cutting from top to bottom and side to side.

Hydraulic Pump

These bandsaws come with a hydraulic pump that carefully controls how quickly the blade moves through the metal workpiece. Setting up these pumps properly is key to producing perfect cuts with every plunge of the bow. You’ll need to make sure that these pumps are always filled with hydraulic fluid to keep them working flawlessly, otherwise you might end up with a terrible mess and quite possibly injured limbs or digits.

Band Saws for Metal
Band Saws for Metal


1. Which cutting fluid should I get?

This is entirely up to the user. The manufacturers of these bandsaws have their own proprietary solution of cutting fluid that works rather well, but you might want to test the market to find which fluid would work best for the job at hand.

2. Can I bolt down a stand-less bandsaw?

The only bandsaw on our list that doesn’t come with a wheeled base is the Klutch. This unit rests on four feet that keep the small worktable several centimeters off the surface of your workbench. Unfortunately, it cannot be bolted down without drilling a couple of holes into the base which we wouldn’t recommend. If you find the Klutch a bit wobbly, you should consider keeping it in place with a couple of clamps. The more clamps, the better.

3. Where can I get replacement blades?

Replacement blades for all of these bandsaws are available from the manufacturer. It’s actually not difficult to find replacement blades since they don’t require custom-made blades to work.

Their sizes are readily available in almost any hardware store. You can also take a look online to find replacements if they’re not available in the nearest brick and mortar.

Best Band Saws for Metal
Band Saws for Metal


Working with different types of metal means having to pay close attention to the tools you’re using. If you have one of these bandsaws in your shop, you won’t be left confused on how to approach any metal workpiece you have on hand.

Take a look at our list of the best bandsaws made for metalwork and at our guide to help gain a better understanding of how a bandsaw can help in your workshop.

Metal Band Saw | Recommended

Last update on 2022-01-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Metal Band Saw | Recommended

Last update on 2022-01-23 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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