Looking to do some outdoor cleaningTired of taking out the pail and scrub for laborious cleaning sessions on your patio and paved walkwaysThe best tool you can get to maximize cleaning power while cutting down time spent under the scorching sun is an electric pressure washer. With one of these bad boys in your garage, you can get to cleaning your walkways, porches, home windows, outdoor furniture, and vehicles all in a single day without breaking your back. The best thing about pressure washers, other than their efficiency, is that they’re fun to use.

AR Blue Clean AR383 vs Sun Joe SPX3000: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

AR Blue Clean AR383

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In this article, we’re going to compare two highly regarded electric pressure washer models the AR383 from AR Blue Clean and the SPX3000 from Sun Joe. We’ve talked about the SPX3000 in many articles in the past, and we have yet to find a model that, in our opinion, surpasses its cleaning power. Will the AR383 finally be the tool to do itLet’s see.


AR Blue Clean AR383
The most important specs to consider when choosing a pressure washer is how much force it provides (PSI) and how much water is consumed (GPM). The AR has PSI and GPM ratings of 1,900 and 1.5, respectively.

Sun Joe SPX3000
The differences between the AR and Sun Joe are marginal. The Sun Joe produces up to 2,030 PSI while using up 1.76 GPM. However, when looking at the larger picture, the SPX3000 will use up considerably more water in the long run while producing only a little over 100 additional PSI.

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs AR Blue Clean AR383: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

Sun Joe SPX3000

Conclusion: The PSI and GPM ratings of a pressure washer surpass those of a traditional garden hose. You can get about 40 PSI at 24 GPM with a garden hose, meaning you’re not getting very much power to support the tremendous water consumption. Between the AR and the Sun Joe, their PSI and GPM ratings aren’t much different, but if you want to get technical, you can end up saving more water with the AR while producing similar amounts of pressure.

Spray Adjustment

AR Blue Clean AR383
To adjust how concentrated or wide the spray is, with the AR, you simply need to twist the wand’s nozzle. You have the freedom to choose from a 0° to 40° spray when doing this. In addition to the twisting wand, you can swap it out for a turbo orbital wand which blasts water with a 0° concentration in an orbital fashion. This will help clear grease and dirt much more easily.

Sun Joe SPX3000
The Sun Joe comes with five quick-connect spray nozzles that you attach to the end of the wand. They provide different spray angles and pressure for cleaning a wide range of surfaces. The nozzles give you the ability to spray 0°, 15°, 25°, and 40°. The fifth nozzle attachment is for dispensing soap.

Conclusion: Between the twisting nozzle and the quick-connect tips, we feel that the AR’s system is much easier to use and requires very little time to switch between high and low pressure. Furthermore, you get a handy orbital spray wand with the AR for heavy-duty cleaning when a straight 0° spray just can’t cut it.

AR Blue Clean AR383 vs Sun Joe SPX3000

AR Blue Clean AR383

Detergent Tanks

AR Blue Clean AR383
To truly get the best cleaning power out of a pressure washer, you should be able to apply a thick layer of detergent for every surface. The AR comes with a single 14-ounce detergent bottle. The bottle is detachable and easy to clean when it comes times to switch soaps.

Sun Joe SPX3000
As for the Sun Joe, you get two massive 30.4-ounce removable detergent tanks. It may seem like overkill but having two tanks is extremely useful if you’re cleaning multiple surfaces in a single cleaning session. Furthermore, having multiple tanks means you won’t need to clean them out as much if you’re going to wash different surfaces in one go.

Conclusion: Two tanks are better than one. Apart from the Sun Joe having more detergent tanks than the AR, each tank can hold onto more than two times as much as the AR’s single tank. This means reduced downtime for switching between variations of soap and refilling the tanks.

Water Inlet Temperature

AR Blue Clean AR383
The AR’s water inlet only allows you to use cold water. Even though cold water can be used for high-pressure cleaning, it won’t exactly give you that dissolving power for getting caked-on muddy messes and greasy spills.

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs AR Blue Clean AR383

Sun Joe SPX3000

Sun Joe SPX3000
The Sun Joe’s amazing system allows you to run warm – up to 104°F – water through the machine’s body and out of the wand. With warm, blood temperature water, you can easily get rid of caked-on messes in an instant. Pair this with the high 2,000-plus-PSI pressure you get and cleaning will be a breeze.

Conclusion: The dissolving power of warm water gives you an edge when cleaning paved dirty walkways, oily driveways, and even greasy car bodies. The reason we’ve favored the SPX3000 so much is that it gives your cleaning power that extra kick by safely supplying you with up to 104°F water. Not many other models are able to do this, and the AR is no exception. However, even without warm water, the AR can still perform rather well.

AR Blue Clean AR383 vs Sun Joe SPX3000: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

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AR Blue Clean vs Sun Joe: Verdict

Once again, we find another model that the SPX3000 from Sun Joe sweeps away. Not that the AR383 from AR Blue Clean is a bad product – in fact, its orbital turbo wand really does work as advertised – but it falls short performance-wise. The thing we absolutely love about the SPX3000 is that it has the ability to take in warm 104°F water to help dissolve caked-on dirt and grime.

Not many pressure cleaner models can do this, which is why we feel that the SPX3000 has the upper hand against many competing models, the AR Blue Clean AR383 included. In conclusion, the Sun Joe SPX3000 still retains the crown as the best-performing electric pressure washer we’ve had the chance of reviewing.

Sun Joe SPX3000 vs AR Blue Clean AR383: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

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