AR Blue Clean AR383 vs AR390SS

One of the ways we keep the exterior of our homes and our cars clean is by running a garden hose. You may be aware that running a garden hose for even a few minutes can be expensive.

AR Blue Clean AR383 vs AR390SS: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

AR Blue Clean AR383

We’re talking about more than a hundred gallons spent every 5 minutes, and you’re not even getting enough pressure to blast away slippery mildew and mold from your patios and outdoor furniture. Instead of running a garden hose continuously, why not invest in an electric pressure washerAn electric pressure can produce more than 1,000 PSI while using just a fraction of the water you’d normally use when running a garden hose.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at two of AR Blue Clean’s electric pressure washers: the AR383 and the AR390SS.

Although this company may not be as well-known as Sun Joe or Greenworks, they have a line of high-quality pressure washers that are worth taking notice. After comparing these two products, we’ll see which of them performs better and provides the better value.

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When shopping for an electric pressure washer, it’s important to know just how much power it packs and water it uses. The AR383 delivers up to 1,900 PSI of pressurized water while using only 1.5 GPM of water. Needless to say, this is considerably more powerful and water-efficient than a garden hose (40 PSI with at LEAST 24 GPM).

AR Blue Clean AR390SS vs AR383: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

AR Blue Clean AR390SS

If you thought the AR383 was efficient, then check out the AR390SS. Although it only produces 2,000 PSI – 100 more PSI than the AR383 – it uses only 1.4 GPM of water. That may not seem like a tremendous difference to some people, but in the long run, you could end up saving hundreds of gallons of water annually.

Conclusion: Very rarely do we find an electric pressure washer that delivers more force than another model while using less water, but when we do, we get very excited. In terms of pressure and water consumption, the AR390SS is definitely the better option between these two models. Basically, the AR390SS uses less water while producing better cleaning results.

Adjustable Spray Wand vs Quick-Connect Nozzle Tips

Since these tools deliver more than 1,500 PSI of water, it’s important to ensure that you’re not blasting highly concentrated water at delicate surfaces with pencil-like precision. This could end up stripping paint, denting metal furniture frames, and shattering windows. To adjust the pressure, users can fiddle around with the adjustable spray wand. Twisting the nozzle will change the spray angle and pressure. This tool also comes with a second wand for turbo cleaning.

The AR390SS uses a different method to change the amount of pressure shot out the wand. Instead of twisting the nozzle, you get multiple quick-connect nozzle tips which attach to the end of the wand and modifies the spray angle and pressure. This machine comes with a 0° nozzle, a 25° nozzle, a soap nozzle, and a turbo nozzle.

Conclusion: It’s up to the user to determine whether they’d rather use an adjustable wand or quick-connect tips to alter the pressure shot out of the nozzle. We cannot objectively determine which is the better method since it’s more of a personal preference than anything else. Both of these systems are easy to use and takes very little time when twisting the nozzle/swapping out nozzle tips.

AR Blue Clean AR383

AR Blue Clean AR383

Cord and Pressure Hose Lengths

Since these are corded-electric models, your range of movement will be limited to a certain extent. The AR383 comes with a 20-foot pressure hose and a 35-foot power cord. This will give you a cleaning area of around 9,500 square feet without unplugging and relocating the machine.

The AR390SS comes with a 30-foot pressure hose (10 feet longer than the AR383) and a 35-foot power cord. With these cable and hose lengths, you’ll have an area of around 13,200 square feet to move around in before having to unplug the machine to move around.

Conclusion: The total areas mentioned earlier do not take into account obstacles – e.g., walls and yard layout – that could significantly reduce the total square footage. However, you could eliminate this problem and extend the range of movement of these machines with the help of an outdoor-safe extension cord.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS

AR Blue Clean AR390SS

Detergent Tank and Soap Application

The AR383 comes with a single 14-ounce detergent tank. In order to shoot foam out of the wand, you need to change the wand’s pressure to its lowest setting. Unfortunately, there have been several comments about this tool’s slight inability to draw in viscous soap and apply a thick layer of foam.

The AR390SS comes with a humungous 48-ounce detergent tank. To shoot soap out of the wand’s nozzle, simply attach the soap quick-connect nozzle tip and pull the trigger. Since you don’t need to play around with the pressure, this tool shoots out a satisfactory amount of frothy, frothy soap.

Conclusion: The only recommendation we have about the AR390SS’s detergent tank is that it only comes with a single tank. It would have been nice to see two 24-ounce tanks rather than a single 48-ounce one, but as is, it’s still a fine unit. In addition, it does a better job of drawing in viscous soaps and shooting out thick layers of suds.

AR Blue Clean AR383 vs AR390SS: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

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AR Blue Clean AR383 vs AR390SS: Verdict

If you’ve read our comparison of the AR Blue Clean AR383 and AR390SS in full, then it should come as no surprise that the AR390SS is the better option to go with between the two AR Blue Clean models.

First, it delivers more power while using less water. Second, it gives you a wider range of movement with its longer pressure hose, though you can extend the AR383’s range with a reliable, outdoor-safe extension cord.

Finally, the AR390SS does a significantly better job at applying suds than the AR383’s lower pressure system. Basically, the AR390SS is better equipped to tackle the toughest cleaning tasks with little to no hiccups while cleaning.

AR Blue Clean AR390SS vs AR383: Electric Pressure Washer Comparison

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