AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer Review

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning in and around your home and never seem to get around to it allApart from the never-ending internal household chores, there are always outdoor issues to deal with, e.g., messy driveways, stained walls, your motor vehicles, and other machinery. Cleaning these requires a lot of elbow grease and can certainly be time-consuming. Enough to give you a headache!

AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to tackling these heavy-duty outdoor jobs, the AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer will do the trick and leave surfaces revitalized and gleaming clean!

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Simple to assemble

Once unpacked, the unit takes 10 minutes to assemble. You attach the handle and insert the hose reel. Then attach it to the garden hose and connect the high-pressure hose.

Plug into a 3-prong outlet and make sure it’s electrically grounded. Pull the trigger to start cleaning and Voila! Away you go.

AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Additional Attachments

The box also contains the pressure washer spray gun, a 20-foot high-pressure hose, the 35-foot power cord that allows for a long reach, two pressure washer wands and 2 high-pressure quick change wands with variable nozzles, turbo pressure lance and a 14 oz bottle for detergents,

Advantages of this pressure cleaner

The AR383 Blue Clean is eco-friendly, and you will economize on your water bill as it uses 80% less water, yet has 40% more power than your garden hose.

The unit is great value for money, and it will save you hiring professional cleaners or cleaning machines. This model is also much quieter than gas engine pressure washers, and the high-pressure hose can reach a height of 20 feet.

It is light, compact, easy to move around and doesn’t require a lot of strength so even a woman can enjoy using it with ease. The pressure washer has a lot of power and can run nonstop flawlessly and without straining for a good length of time enabling you to finish a few tasks in succession.

AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer

Efficiently rejuvenates outdoor spaces

You will no longer need to spend hours scrubbing garden areas as you allow the AR383 Blue Clean to do the work. It is safe to use on the majority of concrete stucco/plaster, stone, and painted surfaces.

The unit tackles green/grey moldy walls and driveways with a powerful force. Here it is recommended that you use a detergent specifically formulated for mold. It’s a whizz when it comes to cleaning the grill after a Sunday barbecue.

No more sanding, scraping, and repainting of wood surfaces such as decks, fences, pergolas and wooden tables and chairs as this high-pressure cleaner restores them to a radiantly spotless finish.

With a couple of sprays, your dog kennels and garbage bins are rendered hygienically spick-and-span.

AR Blue Clean AR383

Cleans vehicles and machinery

Makes washing cars, trucks, motorcycles and all your vehicles including bicycles, as well as lawnmowers and garden equipment an easy task. The savings on car wash expenses will ensure the AR383 pays for itself in no time.

It is recommended that for washing vehicles, you also purchase the AR Blue Clean Foamer Kit, which is specifically formulated for the AR383 and comes with a 34oz detergent bottle and fittings. This will enable a spray of more than 20 feet of thick foam with an adjustment knob to regulate chemical dilution and width of spray from a thin point to a wider fan-shaped blast.

Hard to put down

The only problem is that once you start, it’s going to be difficult to stop as you will find that so much can be renewed with this easily operated pressure cleaner. No doubt you will keep finding more difficult to clean items needing some care and attention.

Customer warranty

A new product comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Do remember to retain the original receipt with RMA (return merchandise authorization) number.

AR Blue Clean AR383 1,900 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Review

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Reliable customer service

Should you have any queries or experience any problems with the AR383, contact our Customer Support service in Fridley, Minnesota who will sort out any issues. Contact details can be found in your owner’s manual.

You can’t go wrong with the AR Blue Clean AR383.

Annovi Reverberi (abbreviated AR) is an Italian company with 58 years of pump building experience and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diaphragm pumps for agriculture and piston pumps for industrial washing. The great reviews for this model speak for themselves.

Pressure Washer | Bestseller

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